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​The Best Paint Colors to pair with Terracotta Tiles​

Discover the perfect paint colors for terracotta tiles. From soft neutrals to rich, deep hues, find the shade that brings out the best in your decor.

Over the past few years, terracotta has had a massive boom in popularity.

Yet, as time passed, interest in it waned. While the tiles have a long-standing history, its once-trendy status has dwindled. 

This left countless people with terracotta displays that are no longer exciting or captivate their attention.

Well, whether you love or hate your tiles, there’s a simple way to spruce them up. 

A coat of paint on the walls can completely transform your terracotta.

It can take it to the next level and turn the tiles into the centerpiece of a room, or tone it down to give your space a more cozy feel. 

It’s all about finding the right shade. So, you may be wondering, what paint colors go with terracotta tiles?

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the most stunning shades that’ll add a special flare to your tiles.

Best paint colors for terracotta tiles.

7 Best Paint Colors for Terracotta Tiles

We’re all familiar with the terracotta signature shade. It’s rich and warm, with plenty of earthy undertones that blend into a color that resembles the sunset. 

You’ll notice that terracotta is a mix of several shades, like pinks, reds, oranges, and even hints of salmon.

While this creates a stunning color that packs a powerful punch, it makes the task of finding a complementary shade a little challenging. 

You want a hue that won’t clash with terracotta but, instead, helps it stand out. This can be especially tricky if your color theory skills are a bit rusty. 

So, to make your life easier, we’ll talk about a few shades that’ll work perfectly with your terracotta tiles. 


Right off the bat, we’re starting our list with the tried-and-true neutral paint shade: white. There’s a reason people have been opting for this color for many years. 

It just goes with everything! The white walls will act as a clean palette and allow your red terracotta tiles to stand out. 

On top of that, the neutral shade has a brightening effect that’ll make your room appear much larger.

Lastly, pairing white and terracotta will evoke a timeless, cozy feel.

terra cotta and white kitchen

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

Sherwin Williams Summer White.
SW Summer White

Cream or Beige

While white is the most popular neutral color, some people find it a little jarring or a tad clinical.

Luckily, there are countless other muted shades that are a bit softer. 

A great example of that is the classic cream or beige. These colors will do an excellent job of complementing the terracotta without being too overpowering. 

Besides that, cream typically has yellow or peachy undertones. This will enhance your tiles’ natural warmth and infuse your space with a sense of calm.

cream and terra cotta living room

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

sw creamy
SW Creamy


If you’re looking for a neutral shade with a bit of an edge, then gray may be just the ticket.

It has a refined and elegant air to it that exudes a sophisticated allure. 

Not only will this add an exciting flare to your space, but it’ll also provide contemporary appeal.

The combination of terracotta red and neutral gray will create a subtle contrast that allows your tiles to be the centerpiece of your room. 

The golden rule? Opt for a dark gray shade to boost the contrast, or a lighter hue to brighten up your space. 

gray and terra cotta bedroom

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

sw dorian gray
SW Dorian Gray

Light Blue

After talking about a few warm shades, let’s shift gears with a cool, light blue.

This color is the perfect backdrop to highlight your terracotta tiles without eclipsing their charm.

On top of that, the color combination of red and light blue will resemble the sun setting against a clear sky.

That should infuse your home with a relaxed vibe that makes for the ideal unwinding space. 

terra cotta light blue bathroom

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

sw icy
SW Icy

Sage Green

When you think of colors that compliment terracotta red, green is usually the last shade that comes to mind.

The combination may give off a Christmassy vibe that’s not universally flattering. 

However, you shouldn’t have this issue with the sage hue. That’s because the shade is a lot more subtle and muted than your average green. 

So, it won’t clash with the warm reds of your tiles. Instead, the two colors should blend seamlessly, leaving you with a space that has an almost outdoorsy feel. 

green and terra cotta tiles

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain
SW Coastal Plain


If you’re looking for a way to tone down your fiery terracotta tiles, red can help you out.

We know what you’re thinking: how will adding more red create a subtle look? 

Well, the answer is simple. It’s thanks to the tone-on-tone effect.

When you choose a red hue that’s deeper or muted, you can produce a sophisticated and cohesive aesthetic.

This will help your tiles blend into the background and leave you with a blank canvas to fill however you like. 

The best part about painting your walls to match your tiles is that you’ll have free rein when it comes to furnishing. Any shade will serve as a welcomed pop of color. 

red terra cotta kitchen

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

Sherwin Williams Positive Red
SW Positive Red


People tend to stay away from dark colors when choosing paint for their walls. That’s because richer shades can make your space appear smaller than it is. 

While that may be true, black walls are an excellent companion for your terracotta tiles. The bold shade will add an element of mystery and a moody tone to your room. 

Plus, it’ll act as a void, helping your tiles stand out from a mile away.

However, with that much color saturation in one space, you’ll have to be incredibly careful what shades you choose for furniture. 

Ideally, you want a muted beige or an off-white to contrast with your walls and floors. 

terra cotta black living room

Here are a few paint colors you can try out today:

sw tricorn black
SW Tricorn Black

Before you go

If you’re wondering what paint colors go with terracotta tiles, there are countless options on the market. 

When looking for a way to highlight the tiles, you can opt for neutrals like white, beige, cream, or gray. You can also go with a light blue to mimic the effect of a setting sun. 

However, if you’re trying to tone down the fiery shade of terracotta, then red or sage green can help you transform your space.

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