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Best Behr light blue paint colors for 2024

Want to paint your home with a light blue paint color? Here are the best Behr Light Blue Paint Colors to consider!

Ready to give your home a refreshing light blue makeover? We’ve curated the best Behr Light Blue Paint Colors that will bring a touch of elegance and tranquility to your space.

Choosing the perfect paint color doesn’t have to be daunting. We’ve handpicked these beginner-friendly shades to make your decision a breeze.

Picture clear skies, serene waters, and the soft glow of dawn – these colors capture the essence of calm and sophistication.

Behr offers a wide array of light blue hues that are not only easy to work with but also incredibly versatile. So, if you’re dreaming of a home that exudes peaceful vibes and timeless style, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive into the world of Behr Light Blue Paint Colors and transform your space into a sanctuary!

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the best behr light blue paint colors

Best Behr light blue paint colors

Here are all of my favorite light blue paint colors by Behr!

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Behr Sky Blue

behr sky blue

Sky Blue is a delightful and airy light blue. It has a slight amount of green to it, giving it a bit of an aqua feel.

Its subtle brightness adds a touch of playfulness to any room, making it perfect for bedrooms and living spaces where you want to create a sense of openness and calm.

behr sky blue bedroom

Behr Frosty Glade

behr frosty glade

Frosty Glade is a bright, cheerful shade of light blue paint. While it is bright, it does have gray undertones that keep it from feeling too neon or overwhelming on the walls.

It’s an excellent choice for bathrooms and reading nooks, where you want to foster a sense of peace and relaxation.

Behr Ocean Kiss

behr ocean kiss

Ocean Kiss is a soft and muted light blue that captures the essence of a tranquil seaside escape.

With its subtle hints of green, this hue adds a touch of freshness to any space.

Ideal for kitchens and dining areas, Ocean Kiss brings a calming atmosphere, making mealtime a serene experience.

behr ocean kiss bedroom

Behr Blue Willow

behr blue willow

Blue Willow is a soothing light blue with subtle hints of gray and a touch of purple, giving it a super calm and cozy feeling.

Its gentle undertones make it versatile, perfect for bedrooms or home offices where a tranquil ambiance is desired.

behr blue willow living room

Behr Partly Cloudy

behr partly cloudy

Partly Cloudy strikes a balance between light blue and soft gray, reminiscent of the sky on a partly cloudy day. This hue adds warmth and depth, making it an excellent choice for living rooms or areas where you gather with family and friends.

Its subtle undertones create a cozy atmosphere, allowing you to relax and unwind after a busy day.

behr partly cloudy bathroom

Behr Lovely Blue Sky

behr lovely blue sky

Lovely Blue Sky is a fresh and bright light blue paint option. It has a lot of blue to it – and just a touch of gray to keep it from feeling like neon aqua.

It’s perfect for spaces where you want to create a welcoming environment, such as entryways or guest bedrooms.

behr lovely blue sky bedroom

Behr After Rain

behr after rain

After Rain is a beautiful sky blue paint color. It has a good amount of color to it so it won’t get washed out, but is definitely still in the light blue category.

This color is like a clean slate, ready for you to infuse your style and creativity. It’s an excellent choice for bathrooms or areas where you seek relaxation and rejuvenation.

After Rain invites you to step into a space filled with calmness and natural beauty.

Behr Dayflower

behr dayflower

Dayflower is a cool green-blue shade. It’s light, bright, and a bit beachy, too. It’s a great coastal paint color!

It’s a light and refreshing blue that instantly lifts your spirits. Dayflower brings that sense of freshness and joy into any room.

It’s a lively color that adds a touch of playfulness to spaces like kitchens and home offices, making them feel vibrant and inviting.

behr dayflower living room

Behr Soft Cloud

behr soft cloud

Soft Cloud is reminiscent of a calm, cloud-filled sky. It’s a light blue with a hint of gray, giving it a subtle depth. Imagine the peaceful atmosphere after a light rain, where the sky clears, and everything feels refreshed.

Soft Cloud captures that tranquility, creating a serene ambiance in your home. This versatile color fits seamlessly into bedrooms, living rooms, or dining areas, providing a soothing backdrop for your decor.

It’s the kind of color that brings a sense of ease and comfort to any space, making your home feel welcoming and relaxed.

What colors pair best with light blue?

Light blue has a lot of great accent colors!

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