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Best Sherwin Williams light blue paint colors for 2024

Want to paint your home with a light blue paint color? Here are the best Sherwin Williams Light Blue Paint Colors to consider!

If you’re thinking about giving your home a fresh look with a new coat of paint, you’ve come to the perfect place. Light blue can be a fantastic choice for creating a serene and stylish environment in your home, and Sherwin Williams offers some of the best shades out there.

Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned interior designer – with a variety of light blue options, you’ll find the ideal match for any room, whether you’re aiming for a tranquil bedroom retreat or a lively living area.

Get ready to transform your home with these top light blue paint colors that promise to deliver a dash of charm and a wave of tranquility to your living space. Let’s explore these shades together and make your home the best-dressed on the block!

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Best Sherwin Williams light blue paint colors

Here are all of my favorite light blue paint colors by Sherwin Williams!

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Icy by Sherwin Williams (SW6534)

Icy by Sherwin Williams.png

Icy is this super chill sky blue that’s got just a hint of gray to keep things cool, not overpowering. It’s perfect if you’re going for that beachy or modern vibe in places like your bedroom or bath where you just want to unwind.

Stick with creamy colors to warm it up and avoid too stark of a contrast. It’s great for making small rooms feel bigger and brighter, too. Just think calm, cozy, and totally laid-back.

sherwin williams icy living room

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Upward by Sherwin Williams (SW 6239)

Upward by Sherwin Williams

Upward is a bright, optimistic blue that’s pure and clear, kind of like the perfect day sky without a cloud in sight. It’s got some gray undertones, but they don’t muddy things up – instead, they take the edge off the brightness just right.

This makes Upward a really cheerful color that’s got a lot of versatility, fitting in beautifully across various rooms. It’s a pick-me-up kind of color that can easily lift the mood of your space.

upward sherwin williams dining room

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North Star by Sherwin Williams (SW 6246)

North Star by Sherwin Williams

North Star is a sophisticated blue-grey that evokes the crispness of an early dawn frost, exuding a cool and collected ambiance. Its icy appearance provides a sleek and modern touch to interiors, perfect for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Ideal for rooms where you seek tranquility and a touch of modernity, North Star works wonders in living spaces, bedrooms, and even home offices. It can transform a bedroom into a peaceful retreat, or give a living room a chic, contemporary edge.

In larger spaces, North Star can make a room feel more intimate and cozy, while in smaller areas, it can add a sense of openness without being too stark. The cool undertones can also help balance rooms that get a lot of sunlight, maintaining a sense of coolness throughout the day.

sherwin williams north star kitchen

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Windy Blue by Sherwin Williams (SW 6240)

Windy Blue by Sherwin Williams

Windy Blue is a light yet deeply saturated blue-gray hue that carries a substantial amount of blue pigment, ensuring it’s unmistakably blue, yet its muted tone is tempered to prevent it from dominating a space. This color strikes a perfect balance, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a hue that’s both impactful and refined.

In practical use, Windy Blue is super versatile. It’s a fantastic choice for a living room or dining area, where it adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the senses. In a bedroom, it promotes a sense of calm and spaciousness, offering a tranquil backdrop for rest and relaxation. Its richness also lends itself well to a bathroom setting, where it can create a spa-like atmosphere.

sherwin williams windy blue bedroom

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Aleutian by Sherwin Williams (SW 6241)

Aleutian by Sherwin Williams

Aleutian is a tranquil blue with a hint of green, reminiscent of the sea, which gives any room a calm, nautical atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, where its soothing qualities can help to create a restful environment conducive to sleep. In bathrooms, Aleutian can transform the space into a spa-like setting, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Whether you aim for a casual beach house vibe or a more refined coastal elegance, Aleutian adapts to various styles and preferences, making it a go-to choice for those looking to bring a slice of seaside serenity into their homes.

aleutian sherwin williams bathroom

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Solitude by Sherwin Williams (SW 6535)

sw solitude

Solitude is a moodier light blue with a touch of purple to it. This shade has enough depth to add character to any room without overwhelming it.

Its understated elegance makes it a great companion for sophisticated living areas and can also offer a refreshing change of pace in a kitchen setting.

Combine it with crisp whites or soft grays for a look that’s both timeless and inviting.

solitude sherwin williams bedroom

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Sleepy Blue by Sherwin Williams (SW 6225)

sw sleepy blue

Sleepy Blue is a tranquil hue that captures the serene feeling of twilight. It strikes the perfect middle ground – not too pale and not too bold – making it an ideal choice for rooms designed for rest and quiet. This shade fits beautifully in a snug reading corner or a baby’s room, where it brings a calming atmosphere that’s just right for lulling you into a state of relaxation.

Its balanced intensity means it can also be a great backdrop for a home office or study area, helping to maintain focus and reduce stress. For a space that needs a touch of softness without sacrificing color, Sleepy Blue is the go-to. It’s especially effective in spaces where you want to encourage calm and concentration, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

sleepy blue sherwin williams dining room

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Sky High by Sherwin Williams (SW 6504)

sw sky high

Sky High is a vibrant light blue that brings to mind the cheerful expanse of a summer day’s sky. Its brightness is subtle, yet it adds a lively touch to any space it adorns. This color is a great choice for areas where energy and playfulness are desired, like in children’s rooms where it can stimulate imagination and fun.

In creative spaces such as art studios or craft rooms, Sky High can inspire with its airy feel and encourage a flow of ideas. It works well with a variety of patterns and textures, from geometric prints that add a modern twist to soft, tactile materials that invite comfort and creativity.

sherwin williams sky high bathroom

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