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Everything about the color Sage Green

Sage green is a super trendy color at the moment. As a part of the Paint Color Project, we are diving in to share everything you need to know about the color sage green.

The color sage green is a muted, soft green color that can be either warm or cool toned. Sage is easy to decorate with and wear because those gray undertones give it a muted, soft feel.

what color is sage green?

Sage green is a beautiful, cozy, inviting color. Whether you like a cool green – like mint – or a warmer green – like olive, there is the perfect shade of sage for you.

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What is sage green?

Wondering what color sage green is? Sage Green is a green-gray color. Think of dried sage leaves – definitely green but with a bit of silver to it.

Sage can be either warm or cool toned, depending on the amount of yellow (warm) or blue (cool) to it.

best sage green paint colors for every home

The best sage green paint colors by shade

The color sage green can come in many shades – light or dark – and can also be either warm or cool toned.

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Light vs dark sage green

When you are deciding on how you want your space to feel, you will most likely instantly know whether you prefer a light or dark wall color. That’s why I’ve broken down the best light sage green paint colors and the best dark sage green paint colors.

best light sage green paint colors

Warm vs cool toned sage green

Sage green is usually considered a mix of green and gray, which can end up either warm or cool toned, depending on the make up of the gray undertones.

Mint green vs Sage green

If you are having trouble deciding if you prefer a cool or warm shade of green, my comparison of mint green vs sage green can help you to easily see the difference in cool tones and olive green vs sage green can show the difference in warm tones.

forest green vs Sage green

If you are deciding between a warm sage green and more of a neutral, true-green, check out my comparison of forest green vs sage green!

The best sage green paint colors by brand

Every brand of paint has their own selection of sage green colors. I have broken down some of the most popular brands’ best sage green options for you!

The best sage green paint colors by room

Sage green paint is really a universal color that can be used in many applications: interior rooms, exteriors, even kitchen cabinets.

Here are the best sage green paint colors for each space in your home:

What colors pair best with sage green?

All colors have complementary and contrasting colors. Sage green pairs best with other shades of green, blue, or yellow. For contrast, consider contrasting shades of red or pink.

the best accent colors for sage green

Sage also pairs nicely with shades of gray – but you’ll want to read my guide on how to pair sage green with gray to be sure that you are matching your undertones correctly!

the best warm gray accent colors for sage green

Beyond paint – Sage Green accessories

Want to incorporate sage green into your home without painting? It’s easy to add a temporary pop of color using art, textiles, and accessories.

Here are some of my favorite sage green home accessories:

Still not sure what paint color to choose?

paint color formula square mockup

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Paint color Planner mock up

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