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Mint green vs Sage green – what is the difference?

Trying to pick the perfect green color for your home? Let’s compare Mint Green vs Sage Green to see which might be perfect for you!

Green paint colors are really having a moment and I am here for it.

Green is a natural, cozy color that can give your home a fabulous aesthetic.

From sage green to blue green to dark green – all shades are trending.

Mint Green and Sage Green are two popular shades of green. Let’s talk about them and their similarities and differences!

Mint green vs Sage green

Mint Green vs Sage Green

Mint Green and Sage Green are both terms to describe green colors.

Mint Green describes a usually light green paint color with blue and gray undertones. Mint is bright, fresh, and almost always cool toned.

Sage Green is usually a warmer toned green paint color with a bit of yellow, brown, or gold to it. Sage green is often light but there can also be dark sage green colors. Sage is almost always warm toned.

Let’s look at some paint colors that are each Mint Green or Sage Green to better illustrate the differences.

Mint Green Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Hazel

Sherwin Williams Hazel

This is another great green option with a lot of blue undertones to it. You will especially see those cool tones in north-facing rooms as the cool light brings out the blue.

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Hazel.

Benjamin Moore Spring Mint

spring mint

This is a light, bright mint color with a lot of blue to it. Perfect for a spa-like bathroom!

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Spring Mint.

Sherwin Williams Aloe


This shade is a bit darker than your average mint color, but I love it for a bright room that will wash out the color. It’s the perfect balance between blue and green!

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Aloe.

Benjamin Moore Spring Breeze

bm spring breeze

This is a bright green that has a lot of blue to it and is very quintessentially mint.

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Spring Breeze.

Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Nature’s Gift

behr natures gift

This is a beautiful earthy green. It’s slightly darker than light green, with both blue and gray undertones. It really transforms in different light!

Read my complete Nature’s Gift review!

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green

sw livable green

This sage green has a bit more yellow or brown to it. If your room has a lot of cool light, it will feel more green. In a room with bright natural light, it might read more beige.

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Liveable Green.

Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

benjamin moore sage wisdom

This is a brighter sage green, but it still has those gray undertones that keep it from reading neon or pastel. A great color depth if you want green on your walls without feeling dark.

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Sage Wisdom

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

This shade of sage green has a lot of yellow to it. That gives it great warm, cozy undertones. I’d only use this one if your flooring or tile also has warm tones to it.

Click to get a peel & stick sample of Saybrook Sage

Accent Colors for Mint Green and Sage Green

Mint Green and Sage Green are both green colors, so they have the same complementary and analogous colors.

Complementary colors are colors next to each other on the color wheel. For green, that is blue or yellow. But usually look great with any shade of green.

Analogous colors are opposite on the color wheel. Shades of green are typically across from shades of red. However, due to their different undertones, sage and mint have different analogous colors.

Mint green is really opposite of peach and papaya shades of pink.

Sage green is opposite terracotta or desert rose shades of pink.

For neutrals, stick to creamy soft whites to nicely contrast the green shades.

These shades both pair well with black and deep charcoal black.

A warmer toned green, like Sage Green, will accent strongly against a warm purple or red color (like terra cotta!)

See my favorite Sage Green accent colors here!

A cooler toned blue-green, like Mint Green, pairs nicely with other shades of blue and green.

Mint Green vs Sage Green: Which should you choose?

Deciding between mint and sage? Look at the other fixtures in your space – flooring, tile, furniture. Does it have warm or cool tones? For cool tones, go mint. For warm tones, go sage!

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Thanks for reading!

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