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The 17 best green-gray paint colors for 2024

Here are my favorite green-gray paint colors! These green paint colors are the perfect way to keep a neutral color palette while still having a little bit of color and personality in your space!

Green walls are really having a trending moment.

And for a good reason! Green paint gives a space a natural or boho feel. But, green can also be a neutral. Wild, I know!

It’s no secret that I love decorating with green. Pretty much our whole house is green or blue-ish green. But, even I admit that green can be a lot for a wall paint color.

the best gray green paint colors for every home

Why choose a green-gray color?

Green-gray is a super popular muted paint color choice for many home interiors. A green-gray paint color lies somewhere between green and gray. In general, these colors are more green than gray.

The gray is used to tone down the brightness of the green and to make it more subdued or muted.

When a color is muted, it means that it has been mixed with its complementary color (the color opposite to it on the color wheel) or with gray.

This mixing process reduces the vibrancy and brightness of the color, creating a more subdued and understated appearance.

These undertones can exist in light or dark colors, but just mean they are more neutral in tone.

Today I have rounded up my favorite green-gray paint colors for you. The green gives them a bright, happy shade that is very trendy right now. However, the muted grey undertones keep them from being too bright.

There are a ton of colors here – but I hope that seeing them next to each other helps to draw attention to the subtle differences between them for you.

The Best Green-Gray Paint Colors

The best green gray paint colors for your home are:

  1. Behr Nature’s Gift
  2. Benjamin Moore High Park
  3. Benjamin Moore Night Train
  4. Sherwin Williams Retreat
  5. Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze
  6. Sherwin Williams Rainwashed
  7. Sherwin Williams Silver Strand
  8. Sherwin Williams Filmy Green
  9. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
  10. Benjamin Moore Beach Glass
  11. Sherwin Williams Dried Thyme
  12. Sherwin Williams Escape Gray
  13. Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe
  14. Behr North Woods
  15. Benjamin Moore Waller Green
  16. Benjamin Moore Rosepine
  17. Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Keep reading for details on each color and to check out their color swatches!

Behr Nature’s Gift

behr natures gift

Nature’s Gift is a beautiful earthy green. It’s slightly darker than light green, with both blue and gray undertones. It really transforms in different light!

My entire downstairs is painted Nature’s Gift. It is, in my opinion, the perfect amount of warm, muted green and feels cozy and inviting without being bright whatsoever.

Benjamin Moore High Park

Benjamin Moore High Park

High Park by Benjamin Moore is the perfect blend of green and gray, creating a medium-dark sage shade that’s all the rage in interior design.

This versatile color brings a touch of the outdoors inside, adding depth and warmth to any room.

Ideal for modern spaces, it pairs well with both light and dark furnishings, making it a popular choice for trendy home makeovers.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of High Park!

I adore the built ins in this office, which are painted High Park.

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Night Train by Benjamin Moore is a captivating green with subtle gray undertones, creating a cozy and sophisticated ambiance in any room.

This shade effortlessly transforms your space, adding depth and richness without overwhelming brightness.

Imagine your walls adorned with the comforting hues of a serene forest, instantly making your room feel warm and inviting.

Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, Night Train embraces your space in a stylish, calming embrace, making it an ideal choice for those seeking understated elegance.

living room benjamin moore night train

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Night Train!

Sherwin Williams Retreat

Sherwin Williams Retreat

Retreat by Sherwin Williams is a dusty shade of olive green paint, delicately infused with soothing gray undertones. This muted yet charming hue effortlessly brings a sense of calm and tranquility to your space.

Imagine the subtle whisper of olive trees swaying in the breeze, captured within your walls.

Retreat’s balanced blend of green and gray creates a timeless atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a serene and understated ambiance.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Retreat.

SW Retreat bathroom

This bathroom by SimplyDIYHome is a gorgeous example of Retreat in action!

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze

Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze

Acacia Haze by Sherwin Williams is a captivating dusty olive green, effortlessly blending trendiness with timeless elegance.

This versatile shade captures the essence of sage green, making it the perfect choice for chic and on-trend walls.

Imagine the subtle charm of sun-dappled olive leaves, casting a soft, natural glow throughout your room.

Acacia Haze adds a touch of sophistication, infusing your space with a calming atmosphere.

sherwin williams acacia haze bedroom

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Acacia Haze!

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed


Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams offers a delicate balance of blue, green, and gray tones, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your space.

This nuanced hue leans towards a soothing blue-green-gray palette, with subtle green undertones adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a hint of green without venturing into bold territory.

Picture your walls adorned in the calming shades of a gentle rain, bringing a sense of serenity and sophistication to any room.

Click here for a peel and stick sample of Rainwashed.

SW Rainwashed bedroom

This bedroom is painted Rainwashed, and you can see how light bright and airy it really looks!

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

sherwin williams silver strand

Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams leans predominantly gray, its enchanting blue-green undertones add a whisper of color and interest.

This popular neutral shade strikes a delicate balance, offering a touch of green that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Embrace the subtle allure of this gray-green blend, a timeless choice for modern, elegant interiors.

Click here for a peel and stick sample of Silver Stand.

Silver Strand bedroom

Sherwin Williams Filmy Green

filmy green

Filmy Green by Sherwin Williams offers a delicate balance between light gray and fresh green undertones.

This subtle and bright shade adds a touch of sophistication to any room, casting a refreshing ambiance reminiscent of sun-dappled leaves.

In exceptionally bright, naturally lit rooms, Filmy Green can take on an almost off-white quality, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a hint of green without sacrificing brightness.

It’s a perfect choice for creating an airy, elegant atmosphere that exudes timeless beauty.

bathroom painted sherwin williams filmy green

Click here for a peel and stick sample of Filmy Green.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

sherwin williams sea salt swatch

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is a harmonious blend of light blue and soft green, creating a serene and refreshing aura.

This versatile shade effortlessly blurs the lines between color and neutrality, making it a popular choice for modern interiors.

Sea Salt’s subtle blue-green hues offer a soothing backdrop, allowing other elements in your room to shine.

Whether you pair it with warm tones for a cozy atmosphere or with crisp whites for a fresh and airy feel, Sea Salt proves that neutrals can be both calming and captivating.

Click here for a peel and stick sample of Sea Salt.

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

beach glass

Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore invites the calming essence of the shore into your home. This dusty mint green paint color strikes a perfect balance, with a generous infusion of green, a moderate touch of gray, and a hint of blue, creating a light and bright sea glass-inspired palette.

Imagine the soft glimmer of sun-kissed sea glass, reflected in the subtle tones of your walls.

Beach Glass adds a refreshing coastal vibe to any room, bringing a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Click here for a peel and stick sample of Beach Glass.

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Night Train by Benjamin Moore is a delightful blend of green and gray, creating a cozy ambiance with a touch of sophistication.

Its abundance of gray undertones ensures a muted, comforting atmosphere, making it perfect for creating a snug and inviting space.

While leaning towards green, Night Train subtly incorporates hints of blue, providing a versatile canvas for creative interior design.

Introduce blue accents to amplify its cool undertones, or let it stand alone for a serene, earthy vibe.

This paint color effortlessly transforms any room into a warm, stylish haven, embracing you in its subtle, calming allure.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Night Train.

benjamin moore night train bedroom

Sherwin Williams Dried Thyme

Sherwin Williams Dried Thyme

Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams adds a touch of rustic charm to your space with its delightful dusty olive tones.

This warm and earthy shade carries a subtle elegance, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room.

With its warm undertones and absence of blue, Dried Thyme exudes a natural, organic vibe, reminiscent of sun-kissed olive groves.

Embrace the timeless appeal of this color, bringing the essence of nature indoors and infusing your space with a welcoming, earthy warmth.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Dried Thyme.

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

Escape Gray by Sherwin Williams captures the essence of tranquility as a light sage green paint color, enriched by warm gray and tan undertones.

This sophisticated color choice brings a breath of fresh air into your space, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of sun-dappled gardens.

Escape Gray seamlessly blends warm and cool elements, making it a versatile backdrop for various decor styles.

Whether paired with earthy accents for a natural look or contrasted with bold pops of color, this light sage shade elevates your space with timeless elegance and understated charm.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Escape Gray.

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore offers a delicate pastel shade, gracefully balanced with deep gray undertones to maintain a mature and sophisticated aura.

This gentle shade evokes a sense of tranquility, reminiscent of a clear sky after a spring rain. Its almost-pastel nature brings a soft, calming vibe to your space, while the heavy gray tones add depth and prevent it from feeling overly youthful.

Imagine the peaceful atmosphere of a spa retreat, captured within the nuanced tones of your walls.

Healing Aloe effortlessly transforms any room into a serene sanctuary, enveloping you in its subtle, soothing embrace.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Healing Aloe.

Behr North Woods

Behr North Woods

Behr North Woods embodies the richness of a deep green hue while maintaining a refined balance with muted undertones.

Its depth adds a touch of sophistication to your space, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. While it leans towards a forest green, the subtle undertones soften its intensity, offering a more versatile and inviting aesthetic.

Imagine the quiet serenity of a secluded woodland, brought to life within the walls of your home.

See my complete north woods color review.

behr north woods in a bedroom

We painted our primary bedroom North Woods and I love how cozy it feels. This is a large, north-facing room, so it can pull it off!

Benjamin Moore Waller Green

Benjamin Moore Waller Green

Benjamin Moore Waller Green is a captivating dark green hue that strikes the perfect balance between depth and versatility.

Its richness adds an air of sophistication to any room, yet its muted tones prevent it from overwhelming the space.

In certain lighting, this shade possesses a subtle charcoal undertone, giving it a unique adaptability.

Waller Green is not just a dark green; it’s a chameleon of color, effortlessly transitioning between bold statement and neutral backdrop, depending on the lighting.

Embrace the enchanting mystery of Waller Green, transforming your space into a sanctuary of refined elegance.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Waller Green.

Benjamin Moore Rosepine


Benjamin Moore Rosepine offers a cozy, muted take on the classic forest green paint color, infusing your space with a sense of warmth and tranquility.

Its mid-toned nature strikes a perfect balance, creating an inviting atmosphere without feeling overly dark.

In well-lit rooms, Rosepine reveals its lighter side, gracefully adapting to the brightness of the space.

Imagine the gentle rustle of leaves in a serene forest, captured within the subtle, earthy tones of your walls.

Rosepine brings the natural beauty of the outdoors indoors, creating a harmonious ambiance that welcomes you with open arms.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Rosepine.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green embodies the essence of earthy sophistication, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior spaces.

This gorgeous dark sage green paint color exudes a natural charm, seamlessly blending with wooded surroundings and enhancing the allure of earthy landscapes.

Its position on the border between mid-olive and dark green adds depth and versatility to your color palette.

Picture the exterior of a home nestled in a wooded lot, adorned in the rich, timeless tones of Pewter Green, harmonizing effortlessly with nature.

For interiors, this shade transforms any room into a cozy retreat, infusing it with the warmth of the great outdoors.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Pewter Green.

pewter green kitchen island by Lemon Thistle
pewter green kitchen island by Lemon Thistle

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