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Is gray still in style for 2024?

Wondering if gray is still in style for 2024? Let’s talk about this popular paint color and if it’s still trending in the coming years.

Gray paint was a trend for a long time. But, is it still trending?!

Whether you try to follow the trends or are just planning to sell your house soon, it can’t hurt to keep an eye on interior design trends.

is gray paint in style or dated

Is gray still in style?

Gray has been on the way out for a while, but it’s really looking dated now. Gray colors, especially cool grays, are no longer on trend. This is normal – popular colors cycle out every 7-10 years.

Gray came on the scene 15 years ago as a way for designers to move away from the previously trending tuscan colors. Gray trickled down from designers to influencers to contractors to everyday people, and it has really been done by all.

In addition to moving to warmer colors, designers are moving more towards bold color and less neutrals. Instead of gray, consider decorating with sage green, terra cotta, warm white, or black.

What If I like gray?

The truth is, gray is not going to be offensive or upset anyone. If you are planning to sell your gray home, don’t panic.

But, if you like a trendy look and are planning to paint – probably step away from the gray section.

If you do have gray walls, just avoid layering tons of gray. Don’t do gray floors and walls and furniture. Add trending color to warm up the space and make it feel more current!

sherwin williams online living room
My gray living room at my last house. Pretty, but it feels a bit 2016… which it was.

What color is replacing gray?

Cool toned grays have been replaced with warmer toned greige, beige, taupe, cream, and brown tones as the most popular neutral options.

But, more homeowners will be choosing bold, vibrant colors instead of neutrals. Bring on the color!

What do you think – is gray paint out of style?

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