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The best paint color for south facing bedrooms

Discover the best paint colors for south-facing bedrooms to make the most of natural light, featuring tips for selecting cool whites, blue-grays, and bold hues that complement the warm, golden sunlight.

It’s so hard to pick the perfect paint color for your bedroom. There are so many factors beyond the colors that you just like – you have to consider the external factors that effect how a color looks in your specific space.

South-facing bedrooms are bathed in natural light throughout the day, making them some of the brightest spaces in any home. People love south facing rooms!

This abundance of light provides a unique opportunity to play with paint colors that can either enhance the room’s colors or bring a cozy, balanced ambiance to the naturally bright space.

the best paint colors for southern facing bedrooms

Understanding the Influence of Light

The orientation of your bedroom significantly affects how paint colors look to the eye. South-facing rooms enjoy continuous sunlight, casting a warm, golden glow that can influence the shade and tone of your wall color.

This effect means that colors might appear lighter or more washed out than expected, necessitating careful consideration when choosing your palette.

Determining Your Room’s Direction

To confirm your bedroom’s south-facing orientation, locate the wall with the majority of the windows. A compass app on your phone can help determine the direction they face.

This step is crucial for selecting paint shades that look best with the quality of light in your bedroom.

Paint Colors by Room Direction Printable

Choosing the Ideal Paint Finish

In a south-facing bedroom, where light accentuates every detail, opt for eggshell or flat finishes to avoid the glare associated with glossier options.

These finishes diffuse light softly, complementing the bright environment without overwhelming glare.

The Best Paint Colors for a South-Facing Bedroom

South-facing bedrooms offer a versatile canvas for almost any color. However, balancing the warm natural light with cooler tones or selecting deeper hues can help to counteract the super bright light.

Cool Whites

To counteract the potential for the warm light to make warm whites look yellow, choose whites with cooler undertones. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace and Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound are excellent choices that maintain their crispness in warm light.

the best cool white paint colors

Blue-Gray Shades

Embrace the opportunity to use blue-grays, which the sunlight softens into cozy hues. Consider slightly darker tones to ensure they don’t fade into the background, like Benjamin Moore’s Comet or Sherwin Williams’ Morning Fog.

the best blue gray paint colors

Silvery Neutrals

Neutrals with a silvery edge can add sophistication without feeling stark. Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray and Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt offer a subtle backdrop that complements the bright exposure.

sw sea salt bedroom
sw sea salt bedroom

Bold and Cool

For those drawn to more daring choices, cool undertones in bold colors can make a statement without overwhelming. Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal and Behr’s NYPD provide depth and interest, balancing the abundance of light.

  • Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal
  • Behr NYPD (or any navy blue)
  • Sherwin Williams Cityscape
  • Sherwin Williams Upward
  • Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue
a calm bedroom with charcoal gray walls

Colors to avoid in north facing rooms

To make the most of a south-facing bedroom’s natural light, it’s best to avoid overly warm or yellow undertones that can become exaggerated in warm light. Instead, focus on colors that offer a refreshing cooler contrast to the warm light, ensuring a balanced aesthetic.

warmly lit beige bedroom

By choosing the right paint colors for your south-facing bedroom, you can enhance the natural brightness while creating a space that feels both airy and grounded.

Southern Facing Room Paint Color Palette

color palette for southern facing rooms

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