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The best cream paint colors for bedrooms

Want to paint your bedroom cream? Here are the best cream paint colors for bedrooms for you to choose from!

The color scheme you choose for your bedroom sets the tone for the entire space.

Cream paint colors offer a warm and soothing backdrop that can transform your bedroom into a serene oasis.

In this blog post, we will explore the best cream paint colors for bedroom interior decor.

By understanding the characteristics of each shade and their compatibility with different design styles, you’ll be able to create a cozy and inviting sanctuary.

the best cream paint colors for bedrooms

Understanding Cream Paint Colors:

Choosing the right cream paint color for your bedroom can make all the difference in creating a serene and inviting space. Whether you opt for classic creams, cool and calming hues, or creams that harmonize with specific design styles, the right shade will provide a warm and soothing backdrop for your bedroom decor.

Consider the ambiance you wish to achieve and the existing elements in your space to select the perfect cream paint color that will transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis.

  1. Definition and Properties: Define cream as a soft, warm, and versatile color that falls between white and beige, lending a subtle elegance to any space.
  2. Psychological Effects: Discuss how cream hues promote relaxation, tranquility, and a sense of comfort, making them ideal for bedroom environments.
  3. Natural and Artificial Lighting Considerations: Explain how lighting conditions can affect the appearance of cream paint colors in a bedroom, and provide tips on selecting the right shade based on natural or artificial light sources.

Classic Creams

Your classic cream paint color is going to be light, bright, and warm toned. This can include pure white, warm beige, and subtle yellow cream colors.

Pure White Cream

There is a timeless appeal to pure white creams such as Ivory, Alabaster, and Chantilly Lace, which create a clean and fresh atmosphere in the bedroom.

Warm Beige Cream

Warm beige creams like Sand, Biscuit, and Toasted Almond infuse a cozy and inviting ambiance into the bedroom, adding depth and richness to the space.

Cool and Calming Creams

While cream paint is typically warm toned, there are some cooler options. These fall in the categories of greige cream, blue gray cream, and greenish cream colors.

Greige Cream

Greige creams like Classic Gray, Edgecomb Gray, and Revere Pewter blend gray and beige undertones, offering a sophisticated and neutral backdrop for the bedroom decor.

Blue-Gray Cream

Blue-gray creams such as Gray Cashmere, Sea Salt, and Rainwashed provide a tranquil and serene atmosphere, perfect for a calming bedroom retreat.

Greenish Cream

Greenish creams like Clunch, Silver Sage, and Oatlands Subtle Taupe incorporate subtle green undertones, evoking a connection with nature and creating a refreshing and rejuvenating ambiance.

How to use cream paint with different home decor styles

Cream is super neutral and can work in many styles of bedrooms. Here are some of the most popular home decor styles to pair with cream walls!

Modern and Minimalist

Modern and minimalist design aesthetics focus on clean lines, simplicity, and a sense of serenity. This makes cream the perfect wall choice!

Rustic and Farmhouse

Rustic and farmhouse bedroom decor evokes a cozy, lived-in feel with a touch of vintage charm. The warmth of a cream paint color makes for a cozier, more rustic feel compared to a stark white wall.

Coastal and Beachy

Cream paint complements coastal and beach-themed bedrooms, capturing the essence of coastal serenity and creating a light, airy atmosphere.

Beach houses usually feature a lot of soft blues and greens, and cream makes the perfect accent color for each of those schemes!

Traditional and Elegant

Cream walls can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to traditional bedroom designs, adding a timeless appeal to the space. They are a great option for a traditional (think: Pottery Barn) style bedroom!

The best cream paint color for bedrooms

Here are my favorite specific cream paint colors to use in bedrooms!

Sherwin Williams Creamy

sw creamy
LRV: 81
Undertones: warm yellow, tan

Creamy is a very soft yellow paint color. It is pretty solidly in the off-white color category, but those yellow undertones make it feel nice and – you guessed it – creamy.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Creamy

Benjamin Moore Simply White

bm simply white
LRV: 91.7
Undertones: yellow, slightly green

Simply White is a very light white cream color. It’s really more of a white with creamy yellow undertones!

This is a great option if you are looking for a white paint color with just a bit of warmth to it.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Simply White

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois
LRV: 78.94
Undertones: greige, green, gold

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois is a golden greige shade off off-white. It has a definite warmth to it and just enough color for interest, without feeling dark at all.

Click here to get a peel and stick sample of Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Behr Polar Bear

behr polar bear
LRV: 90
Undertones: warm, pink

Polar Bear is a warm cream paint color with a bit of pink to it. Polar Bear is a bit brighter and therefore seems lighter than many other creams. It’s a great option for clean but not stark looking walls or trim.

Benjamin Moore Linen White

benjamin moore linen white
LRV: 80.94
Undertones: warm yellow

Linen White is a cream paint color, but the undertones feel more warm than straight yellow. It is soft an elegant. With an LRV around 81, it’s on the very light end for an off-white paint color and is practically white.

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Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake

Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake
LRV: 80.97
Undertones: gray, cream

Vanilla Milkshake is a very light greige paint color that skews beige or cream. It’s a super soft neutral option for a light, bright, and warm wall color.

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster

sherwin williams alabaster white
LRV: 82
Undertones: warm, beige toned undertones.

Alabaster is an ultra popular (2016 color of the year!) creamy white paint color. It is not pure white but has creamy beige undertones. It is not at all yellow.

This color is a perfect balance between warm and cool, which is a big part of what makes it so universally appealing.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Alabaster

Click here to read my complete Alabaster review.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
LRV: 81.91
Undertones: gray, yellow, green

This is a very light and bright cream color. It has a good amount of gray to it, which keeps it from reading too yellow.

Beware cool light which can put a blue cast on and make it read slightly green.

Click here for my complete Swiss Coffee color review.

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What’s your favorite cream paint color?

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