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The 16 best Benjamin Moore green paint colors

Want to pick the perfect green paint color for your home? Here are the best Benjamin Moore green paint colors!

Green is one of the big trending colors in home decor at the moment.

And I totally get it – greens are earthy, cozy, welcoming, inviting – in general, they are an awesome color for home interiors.

But, there are so, so many shades of green to choose from!

If you have decided to paint your home green but haven’t picked a color yet – let’s dive in to narrow it down!

best benjamin moore green paint colors

How do I choose the right shade of green paint?

You want to first pick a vibe that you like – look for inspiration photos to decide light green, dark green, sage green, etc.

Get samples and test them in your actual space! Test them on multiple walls at all times of day. My Paint Color Formula shares the exact process I use to pick paint colors!

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Is there a warm green?

Warm greens will be greens with a lot of yellow or brown to them. Think olive green as a good example of a warm toned green!

Is green a good house color?

Yes! Green is a great color to paint your house. It’s great for exteriors that are in green, wooded areas as it really gives the home a nature-inspired aesthetic.

I love green for nature-inspired or boho style rooms. It’s really cozy!

Green pairs well with white, black, blues, yellows, and even pink! It’s a very versatile color.

Where should I use green paint?

You can use green paint for:

  • the exterior of your home
  • the walls of a room
  • an accent wall
  • an accent piece such as a fireplace
  • cabinetry
  • a piece of furniture
  • a ceiling

What is the color psychology of green?

Color psychology is the idea that different colors make you feel different ways. Green is said to bring out feelings of nature, healing, freshness, and quality!

The best Benjamin Moore green paint colors

Here are some of the most popular green paint colors by Benjamin Moore!

Benjamin Moore High Park

Benjamin Moore High Park

High Park by Benjamin Moore is the perfect blend of green and gray, creating a medium-dark sage shade that’s all the rage in interior design.

This versatile color brings a touch of the outdoors inside, adding depth and warmth to any room.

Ideal for modern spaces, it pairs well with both light and dark furnishings, making it a popular choice for trendy home makeovers.

Click here to get a peel and sick sample of High Park.

Benjamin Moore Dark Olive

Benjamin Moore Dark Olive

For those who want their space to be both earthy and elegant, this dark, muted olive green would make a perfect choice. 

It has a level of depth to it that makes it interesting, without being super dark.

Click here for a peel & stick sample of Dark Olive.

Benjamin Moore Waller Green

Benjamin Moore Waller Green

Benjamin Moore Waller Green is a captivating dark green hue that strikes the perfect balance between depth and versatility.

Its richness adds an air of sophistication to any room, yet its muted tones prevent it from overwhelming the space.

In certain lighting, this shade possesses a subtle charcoal undertone, giving it a unique adaptability.

Waller Green is not just a dark green; it’s a chameleon of color, effortlessly transitioning between bold statement and neutral backdrop, depending on the lighting.

Click here to get a peel & sick sample of Waller Green.

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Benjamin Moore Night Train

Night Train by Benjamin Moore is a captivating green with subtle gray undertones, creating a cozy and sophisticated ambiance in any room.

This shade effortlessly transforms your space, adding depth and richness without overwhelming brightness.

Imagine your walls adorned with the comforting hues of a serene forest, instantly making your room feel warm and inviting.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Night Train.

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

beach glass

This is another dusty mint green color. It has a lot of green, a medium amount of gray, and a small amount of blue, just enough to give it that light, bright, sea glass look.

Beach Glass adds a refreshing coastal vibe to any room, bringing a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Beach Glass

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Wythe blue

This is a medium toned blue-green paint color has a bit more blue to it, but is still pretty solidly green. It’s got just the right amount of color depth to be interesting without feeling dark or making a room feel smaller.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green

This is another great blue-green color. It’s medium toned – not too bright, not too dark – so it will work in a wide variety of room sizes!

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Cushing Green.

Benjamin Moore Dakota Shadow

Benajmin Moore Dakota Shadow

This is really a gorgeous olive green paint color! It has a really earthy, boho feel to it!

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Dakota Shadow.

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

benjamin moore aegean teal

Aegean Teal is a super popular blue green paint color. It has a lot more blue it it making it very cool. It is mid-toned, meaning it has a medium color depth and is neither light nor super dark. It really is the perfect teal paint color!

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore (HC-158)

This is another super dark blue green paint color. It’s heavier on the blue – it’s really a navy paint – but with definite green undertones!

Benjamin Moore October Mist

bm october mist

October Mist might be the perfect shade of sage. It’s got enough pigment to be interesting, and is a wonderful balance between green and a warm gray.

Click here for my complete October Mist review!

Benjamin Moore silver marlin

benjamin moore silver marlin

This is more of a gray with blue and green undertones – heavy on the green. It can look more muted in certain rooms, and more colorful in bright light. It’s a great option for a more neutral look!

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Silver Marlin

Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

benjamin moore sage wisdom

This is a brighter sage green, but it still has those gray undertones that keep it from reading neon or pastel. A great color depth if you want green on your walls without feeling dark.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

This shade of sage green has a lot of yellow to it. That gives it great warm, cozy undertones. I’d only use this one if your flooring or tile also has warm tones to it.

Benjamin Moore Thicket

bm thicket

A soft olive green enriched with a subtle yellow cast is perfect for opening up your space.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Thicket.

Benjamin Moore Sussex Green

Benjamin Moore Sussex Green

If you love olive green but aren’t so sure of incorporating a bright shade, try this combo of sleek olive infused with charcoal hints. 

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Sussex Gree

What’s your favorite green paint color?

Still not sure what paint color to choose?

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The best way to sample paint? Samplize!

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