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What Color Should I Paint My Front Door If My House Is Sage Green?

Thinking of a front door color that enhances your house with sage green paint? We’ve got the ultimate list of colors that will make your entrance pop!

A well-chosen front door color not only increases the home’s curb appeal but also adds character to your home. 

Think of it as the first impression that sets the tone for the entire house.

Your guests will see the color of the front door and—whether consciously or unconsciously—make assumptions about the style and decor that await them inside. 

In this article, I’ll answer the question: “What color should I paint my front door if my house is sage green?” 

Whether you’re seeking a subtle and harmonious palette or aiming for a bold and distinctive look, this article is the one-stop guide for you.

front door color if my house is sage green.

What Color Should I Paint My Front Door If My House Is Sage Green?

The best front door paint colors for a sage green house are:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Midnight Black
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Burgundy
  • White

Let’s dive into each of these color combinations! 

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow perfectly complements the earthy tones of sage green, making it a vibrant and harmonious choice for a front door. 

The bold and vibrant nature of mustard yellow provides a striking contrast against the muted tones of sage green, drawing attention to the front door and adding interest to the overall design.

sage green exterior with a mustard yellow door
  • Cut the Mustard, Sherwin Williams: A warm and inviting mustard yellow, known for its rich, golden undertones. 
  • Sweet Mustard, Behr: A warm, muted mustard with subtle brown undertones. 
  • Spicy Mustard, Benjamin Moore: A bold, golden mustard yellow. It adds a vibrant contrast to light sage greens and depth to mid-tone sage greens.


If you want to add a pop of color to your home, you can’t go wrong with cherry red. 

A sage green exterior beautifully contrasts with cherry red, creating a striking and vibrant look.

It also adds a playful and cheerful touch to your exterior, one that exudes warmth and friendliness. 

sage green home exterior with a red front door
  • Cherry Tomato, Sherwin Williams: A vibrant and energetic red hue that pairs exceptionally well with darker sage greens. The rich and warm undertones of this color exude a classic and timeless appeal. 
  • Caliente, Benjamin Moore: An intense cherry red with strong warm undertones. This fiery hue exudes passion and energy, making it a statement color that commands attention.

Navy Blue 

Navy blue and sage green are a match made in heaven. It’s a classic and elegant choice, adding a touch of refinement to your home’s entryway. 

Navy blue doors are versatile and work well with a range of architectural styles, from coastal to traditional.

sage green home exterior with a navy blue front door
  • Naval, Sherwin Williams: A rich and deep navy with a touch of indigo. It pairs nicely with lighter shades of sage green. The deep navy provides a bold contrast, while the sage green adds a touch of freshness.  
  • Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore: A sophisticated and deep navy blue with a hint of gray. It’s best suited for exteriors with medium to dark shades of sage green. 
  • Starless Night, Behr: An almost-black navy that gives off sophistication and depth. It creates a dramatic, high-contrast effect when paired with lighter sage green exteriors.

Sherwin Williams Naval color palette

Sherwin Williams Naval Paint Color Palette.

Hale Navy color palette

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Paint Color Palette.

Midnight Black

A Midnight Black front door against a sage green exterior creates a bold and eye-catching contrast. This color combo radiates elegance and modernity. 

To further enhance its sophistication, add elements like brushed metal hardware or a statement door knocker to tie the look together.

sage green home exterior with a black front door
  • Black Satin, Benjamin Moore: A timeless black with a softness to it. 
  • Onyx, Benjamin Moore: A cobalt-black that exudes a subtle warmth. It has undertones of red. 
  • Caviar, Sherwin Williams: A soft black with a ton of depth to it. It features a purple undertone.

Charcoal Gray

If you don’t like the richness of black, charcoal gray is a good alternative. 

Similar to black, a charcoal gray front door introduces a modern and sophisticated element to your sage green exterior. 

It works exceptionally well with homes featuring sleek and modern design elements, such as clean lines and minimalistic architecture. 

sage green home exterior with a charcoal gray front door
  • Gauntlet Gray, Sherwin Williams: A warm gray paint with purple undertones.  
  • Intellectual, Behr: A rich charcoal gray with a hint of warmth. It pairs exceptionally well with dark sage green exteriors, adding a touch of contemporary elegance. 
  • Kendal Charcoal: A classic and versatile charcoal gray.
the best warm gray accent colors for sage green


Painting your front doors with burgundy is a surefire way to infuse warmth and richness into the exterior of your home. 

This welcoming and traditional color choice adds depth and character to the entryway.

It works especially well with homes with a rustic or traditional architectural style. 

sage green home exterior with the front door painted burgundy
  • Bewitched, Benjamin Moore: A rich and intense burgundy that leans towards oxblood red.
  • Raisin Torte, Benjamin Moore: A welcoming burgundy with a hint of brown, giving it a warm and inviting feel. 
  • Cranberry Cocktail: Inspired by the rich stain of mulled wine, this color is a vibrant burgundy with red undertones.

Classic White

This list wouldn’t be complete with the ever-reliant classic white. 

The clean and crisp nature of white adds a touch of traditional charm to your home’s exterior while maintaining a fresh and inviting appeal. 

Sage green works best with off-whites because they offer a subtle contrast that enhances the natural beauty of green. 

Cream, with its warm undertones, adds a touch of homeliness to the exterior.

Meanwhile, eggshell, a neutral off-white, offers a dedicated contrast that allows sage green to shine.

Ivory is another excellent choice, as it imparts a sense of grace to the entryway.  

sage green home exterior with a white front door
  • Alabaster, Sherwin Williams: A neutral off-white with beige undertones. 
  • Swiss Coffee, Behr : A warm white with a slight hint of beige.  
  • Simply White: A foolproof white that offers a fresh and timeless look. It adds brightness without overwhelming the subtle tones of sage, creating a clean and classic combination.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster color palette

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint color palette

Behr Swiss Coffee color palette

Join the (free!) PaintColorProject+ community to access this exclusive color palette! Once you join, you can right click & save the palette image!

Behr Swiss Coffee paint color palette

Benjamin Moore Simply White color palette

Join the (free!) PaintColorProject+ community to access this exclusive color palette! Once you join, you can right click & save the palette image!

Benjamin Moore Simply White Paint Color Palette.

How to Choose a Front Door Color for a Sage Green Exterior

Ready to choose your front door color? Here are some extra tips to consider: 

Consider Your Surroundings

If you’re unsure of what color to choose for your front door, simply look around your home’s natural surroundings. 

Take inspiration from the landscape, fauna, and flora that surround your property. 

The goal is to select a color that not only compliments sage green but also harmonizes with the organic elements that surround your home. 

Match the Style of Your Home 

When choosing a front door color, take your home’s structure and exterior design into account. 

Traditional homes usually look best with classic paint colors, like timeless reds, navy blues, and crisp whites. 

Modern homes, on the other hand, let you choose a more creative and daring palette, like mustard yellow and charcoal gray. 

Don’t Forget the Trim 

Ideally, you should paint your front door’s trimming with a contrasting accent color.

Here are some examples of contrasting colors, as per the colors listed above: 

  • Mustard Yellow: Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue, Olive Green
  • Red: Crisp white, Charcoal Gray, Soft Gold
  • Navy Blue: Soft gold, Coral
  • Classic White: Slate Gray, Navy Blue, Hunter Green
  • Midnight Black: Dove Gray, Ruby Red, Gold
  • Charcoal Gray: Mustard Yellow, Terracotta 
  • Burgundy Red: Olive Green, Creamy Beige

Before you go… 

Whether you opt for a timeless classic like white or go for bolder colors like midnight black or burgundy, each color brings its unique charm to a sage exterior. 

The color of your front door should reflect the vibe you want your home to have. If you want it to appear modern and sophisticated, opt for deep and rich tones.  On the other hand, if you want it to appear traditional and elegant, lighter tones should do the trick. 

For more tips on how to complement colors, as well as other expert advice, download my free paint planning worksheet.

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