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7 Best Paint Colors For Windowless Rooms in 2024

Are you trying to decide the best paint colors for windowless rooms in your home? Read and discover the top hues to boost low-light space aesthetics.

Picking a room’s paint color is a struggle for many. It’s double the struggle for dim spaces with little natural light source. 

And while most would opt for pale and white shades to enhance the dark room, these colors aren’t the only choice you have!

Today, I’ll share the best paint ideas to revitalize a windowless space. Stick around and find the perfect shade for you.

Best paint colors for windowless rooms.

7 Paint Colors for Windowless Rooms

Color is a potent design tool that affects your perception and mood. So, you don’t want to waste that paint job on a bland shade choice. 

Without further ado, here are seven color ideas to boost your windowless room’s appearance:

Cool Gray

I know what you’re thinking. Why should you choose a gray color for a windowless room? Won’t it make the gloomy space more dismal?

Contrary to what you might think, gray’s neutral look makes a fabulous paint color for dimly lit rooms.

It’s a safe pick for its versatility and mixes well as a backdrop for colorful decorations.

Despite its seemingly grim name, gray creates a tranquil and calm atmosphere for a room lacking natural light.

Here’s a tip: When picking a gray shade to suit your room, test the color in different lighting situations.

For instance, you can use paper with the same color you want and move it around the space.

windowless gray living room

Here are a few popular gray colors to choose from:

  • Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray (SW 7015)
  • Benjamin Moore – Amherst Gray (HC-167)
  • Sherwin Williams – Argos (SW 7065)
  • Behr Paint – Silver Bullet (N520-2)
SW Repose Gray
SW Repose Gray

Relaxing Green

If you’re not keen on gray colors for your space, perhaps one taken from nature would hit the nail.

And let me tell you, green creates wonders in dark spaces by adding warmth and depth.

Green brings life and vibrancy to an otherwise gloomy room. Many prefer this natural color for its scientifically proven calming and relaxing effect.

If you’re eyeing green, choose lighter variations for their soothing effect or darker greens to bring a feeling of coziness to your area.

Have a look at these excellent green shades you can choose from:

  • Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)
  • Benjamin Moore – Lime Green (2026-10)
  • Behr Paint – Brookview (M400-4)
  • Sherwin Williams – Courtyard (SW 6440)
Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
SW Evergreen Fog

Light Blue

Another nature-inspired hue that could brighten up your dreary space is light blue.

Shades of blue, specifically lighter ones, are a perfect choice to usher in light and energy.

There’s a clean and serene appearance of light blue that many find attractive. It’s easy on the eyes, reminiscent of the calming colors of the sea, sky, and happy days.

Here’s a fact most people don’t know:

Blue interiors can make a small room appear larger. It goes well with plenty of shades, which gives you a great deal of freedom to personalize.

Check out these light blue dyes and take your pick:

sherwin williams sea salt swatch
SW Sea Salt

Gentle Lavender

Is your room facing north? A touch of lavender could be the solution you’re looking for.

It infuses warmth and friendliness, which are much-needed ingredients for a windowless corner.

The popularity of lavender and purple colors has surged these past years, from Taylor Swift’s hit “Lavender Haze” in 2022 to being crowned Color of the Year by WGSN in 2023. And it seems many are joining this color trend.

Lavender’s sophisticated look can provide a gentle glow to a room lacking sunlight. It offers a fantastic balance of warmth and coolness to any interior.

Are you considering purple? I suggest you explore these fabulous lavender paints:

  • Behr Paint – Lavender Wash (MQ4-30)
  • Benjamin Moore – Lavender Mist (2070-60)
  • Behr Paint – Soft Iris Lavender (640A-1)
  • Sherwin Williams – Lite Lavender (SW 6554)
Sherwin Williams Lite Lavender
SW Lite Lavender

Warm Gold

If you’re looking for warmth to fill your dingy space, gold and yellow tints are what you need.

Trust me, it’s like having a personal sun in your room.

Yellow and gold colors don’t absorb light like darker shades. Instead, a sun-colored wall will reflect even the most subtle sunlight, engorging the area with cheery brightness.

Yellowish colors are especially effective in brightening up north-facing areas in your home. They make any space more inviting and friendly!

Care to try the yellow magic? Here are a few options you might like:

Sherwin Williams Sun Salutation
SW Sun Salutation

Quirky Orange

Some will likely think of orange as an odd choice here. But I’m not talking about the standard orange or neon orange we often see in safety clothes.

Instead, I’m pointing more to the warmer, orangey shades of apricot, tangerine, and pumpkin.

Like gold or yellow, these orange variations can evoke warmth, enthusiasm, and comfort.

Orange can highlight dark wood details and brown and light accents in a room, offering a sleek aesthetic to an otherwise depressing space.

If you’re exploring orange as your next room color, consider these hues:

  • Sherwin Williams – Soft Apricot (SW 6352)
  • Benjamin Moore – Orange Nectar (2013-20)
  • Sherwin Williams – Armagnac (SW 6354)
  • Behr Paint – Bergamot Orange (P220-6)
Sherwin Williams Soft Apricot
SW Soft Apricot

Rich Brown

If it’s dark, why choose dark colors? Well, as the famous quote goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The rich, earthly tone of brown colors makes an excellent choice for a cozy shelter. Paired with natural wooded decors, tones of brown create a calming atmosphere, much like being swaddled in a cocoon.

That said, there are plenty of chocolate colors with bright undertones. Pair it with light decorations and ornaments, and the rich backdrop of brown offers an appealing contrast!

Ready to explore dark hues for your windowless space? Think of these brown paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams – Turkish Coffee (SW 6076)
  • Behr Paint – Golden Sand (364)
  • Sherwin Williams – Porpoise (SW 7047)
  • Benjamin Moore – Brown (2099-10)
Sherwin Williams Turkish Coffee
SW Turkish Coffee


What color paint makes a room brighter?

Light colors generally make any room brighter. For example, shades like off-whites, pastels, neutrals, and pales can give a room the illusion of spaciousness.

But there are plenty of considerations before you roll the paint roller. Think about the lighting situation, decorations, furniture, and your preferences.

What is the best color for a room with natural light?

Rooms facing south or north typically receive steady sunlight throughout the day. It means you’ll want a color that looks good in bright environments.

If you want to highlight the airy atmosphere, pick pale paints that complement natural light, such as creams, crisp whites, or pale grays.

Brown, blue, yellow, and green also provide balance and consistent style.

What color paint reflects the most light?

Natural white reflects the most sunlight in the color spectrum.

It doesn’t absorb light or heat, reflecting everything outwards, making it a great paint choice for varying scenarios.

Before you go

There you have it! Those are the 7 best paint colors for windowless rooms in 2024.

Whether you prefer the luxurious charm of gray, the refreshing vibes of blue and green, or the quirkiness of yellow, you’re sure to revamp your gloomy space!

Still uncertain which color to pick? 

Check out my free Paint Color Planning Guide and learn the best tips for deciding which shade matches the aesthetics of your home.

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