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The best beachy bedroom paint colors

Discover the best beachy paint colors for bedrooms to transform your space into a serene, coastal-inspired haven. Learn how to create a light and airy aesthetic with shades of blue, green, and neutral tones that capture the essence of the beach.

Want your bedroom to feel relaxing? What’s more relaxing than a trip to the beach.

Of all of the aesthetics out there, beach house is one of the more popular options. Whether you live near the ocean or not, it’s a great choice for your space!

But, what gives a room a beach house feel? Usually, a light and airy aesthetic paired with shades of blue and green.

These colors draw inspiration from the elements of the seaside—the sky, the water, and the beach itself.

Let’s take a look at my top paint color picks for a coastal inspired home!

the best beachy bedroom paint colors

The best beachy paint colors for bedrooms

Beach house paint colors typically fall into the following list:

  • blues
  • greens
  • beige
  • coral/peach
  • yellow
  • navy
  • crisp white
best beachy bedroom paint colors

Light blue paint colors

Light blues and aquas serve as the backbone of beachy decor, bringing on the tranquil vibes of the ocean and the sky.

Opt for blue-gray tones to avoid overly bright shades, ensuring a calm and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.

Some top beachy blue paint colors include:

beachy bedroom sea salt

Soft Green paint colors

Incorporating soft greens into your bedroom mimics the lush coastal landscapes, adding a refreshing touch.

Stick to blue-green paint for a seamless blend with the beachy palette.

Top picks for soft green paint colors are:

beachy bedroom soft green

Sandy Neutrals

Sandy neutrals are perfect for adding warmth to your beach-themed bedroom, evoking the feeling of sun-kissed sand beneath your feet.

Choose warm tans to complement the blues and greens.

Favorite sandy neutrals include:

neutral beige beach house bedroom

Coastal Accent Colors

To inject more personality into your bedroom, incorporate coastal accent colors like coral, sunny yellow, and navy blue. These hues add vibrancy while staying true to the beachy aesthetic.

Coral and Peach Paint Colors

For a pop of color, consider accents in coral or peach. These shades work wonderfully with blue and green backgrounds.

  • Sherwin Williams Coral Reef
  • Benjamin Moore Coral Gables
  • Behr Queen’s Peach
coral beach house bedroom

Sunny Yellow Paint Colors

Brighten up your bedroom with accents of sunny yellow, a perfect contrast to the cooler beachy tones.

  • Sherwin Williams Lemon Twist
  • Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow
  • Behr Lemon Burst
beach house bedroom with yellow accents

Navy Blue Paint Colors

Navy blue offers a classic, deeper contrast to the lighter beachy tones, grounding your space with sophistication.

light blue and navy blue beach house bedroom

Crisp White Paint Colors

For trim and accent pieces, a crisp white can bring the whole look together, reflecting the bright, airy vibe of the beach.

Here are my picks for a crisp white paint color:

green and white beach house bedroom

Creating a beachy bedroom is about blending these colors to reflect your personal style and the relaxing ambiance of the coast.

Experiment with different shades and combinations to find the perfect beachy palette for your space.

What’s your dream beach-inspired bedroom color scheme?

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Thanks for reading!

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