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16 Best Pewter Paint Colors

Looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your home? Let’s talk about pewter paint colors and if they might be right for your space!

The hunt for the perfect neutral paint color will take you down many rabbit holes.

Today, I want to jump into a deep dive on the color pewter.

Have you heard of pewter before? It’s a confusing color because it’s based on a metal – which can transform in different light and be hard to pin down to one specific shade of paint.

Today I want to define pewter, talk about the undertones and accent colors, and share my favorite pewter paint colors with you!

the best pewter paint colors

What color is pewter?

Pewter is a name for a color of gray. It is usually darker than silver but lighter than charcoal. It can have warm or cooler undertones.

Pewter outside of the color world is a type of metal that is a combination of tin and lead. Think: silverware color.

Pewter can also be combined with other colors, such as tan, blue, or green, to create a more muted shade.

The one thing that all shades of pewter have in common is that they are mid-toned colors. This means they are not super dark or super light. Pewter paint colors typically have an LRV in the 20-40 range.

Is Pewter warm or cool toned?

Pewter can be either warm or cool toned! It is more defined by it’s gray base tones and medium darkness than by one specific undertone.

Is pewter more grey or brown?

Pewter is definitely a shade of gray. It might have brown undertones – but it also might not.

What accent colors pair best with pewter walls?

Because pewter paint colors come in so many different undertones, it is hard to broadly say which accent colors pair best with all of these shades of pewter.

It’s important to look at the undertones of your specific shade and pick colors that coordinate from there.

They could either match in undertone for a softer look, or be opposite each other on the color wheel for more contrast.

It’s very important to swatch colors on your wall to be sure they look good – day and night – in your actual space before committing.

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White and black are almost guaranteed to coordinate with any shade of pewter. You can also look for other shades on the same paint strip – go 3 shades lighter or darker for contrast.

the best pewter paint colors

The best pewter paint colors

Here are my favorite pewter paint colors to consider decorating with!

Light Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#1464)

bm light pewter

LRV: 60.8

Undertones: Warm gray with subtle green undertones.

Light Pewter is a soft and gentle shade of pewter. It’s a versatile color that works well as a neutral backdrop in any room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore (#HC-173)

edgecomb gray

LRV: 63.9

Undertones: A warm gray with beige undertones.

Edgecomb Gray is a light pewter with a touch of warmth. It’s an excellent choice for creating an elegant and airy feel in your space.

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Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#HC-172)

Revere Pewter

LRV: 55.5

Undertones: Warm gray with slight beige undertones.

Revere Pewter is a popular and timeless pewter shade. It’s versatile and pairs well with various color schemes, providing a cozy and sophisticated look.

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Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#1465)

bm pewter

LRV: 52.5

Undertones: A classic pewter with gray undertones.

Pewter is a true representation of pewter metal. It’s a medium-dark shade that adds depth and richness to your space, making it feel cozy and refined.

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Dark Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#2132-10)

bm dark pewter

LRV: 13.5

Undertones: Deep gray with a touch of green.

Dark Pewter is a deep and dramatic pewter color. It’s best used as an accent or in rooms with ample natural light to avoid feeling too heavy.

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Vintage Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#1470)

bm vintage pewter

LRV: 32.26

Undertones: Soft gray with a hint of green.

Vintage Pewter exudes a sense of nostalgia. It’s a mid-tone pewter that adds character and sophistication to your interiors.

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Antique Pewter – Benjamin Moore (#1563)

bm antique pewter

LRV: 20.73

Undertones: A rich pewter with green undertones.

Antique Pewter is a deep, moody shade that can bring a sense of history to your home. It’s best used in spaces where you want a cozy and intimate ambiance.

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Warm Pewter – Sherwin-Williams (#SW 0032)

sw warm pewter

LRV: 45

Undertones: Warm gray with brown undertones.

Warm Pewter adds a touch of earthiness to the pewter palette. It’s a versatile color that can be used to create a welcoming and inviting environment.

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Pewter Cast – Sherwin-Williams (#SW 7673)

sw pewter cast

LRV: 38

Undertones: Cool gray with green undertones.

Pewter Cast has a serene and balanced appearance. It works well in both modern and traditional settings, offering a timeless elegance.

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Roycroft Pewter – Sherwin-Williams (#SW 2848)

sw roycroft pewter

LRV: 30

Undertones: Deep pewter with brown undertones.

Roycroft Pewter is a bold and rich pewter color. It’s best used in spaces where you want to make a strong statement and create a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere.

Library Pewter – Sherwin-Williams (#SW 0038)

sw library pewter

LRV: 22

Undertones: Dark gray with green undertones.

Library Pewter is a dark and sophisticated pewter shade. It’s ideal for creating a dramatic and moody atmosphere in libraries, studies, or cozy nooks.

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Pewter Tankard – Sherwin-Williams (#SW 0023)

pewter tankard

LRV: 15

Undertones: Deep pewter with brown and green undertones.

Pewter Tankard is a deep and rich pewter color that adds a sense of depth and coziness to your space. Use it sparingly or in rooms with ample lighting.

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Burnished Pewter – Behr

Burnished Pewter - Behr

LRV: 15

Undertones: Brown

This deep shade of gray-brown is the color of wet rocks. It’s a great cozy color for a deeper Pewter option.

Pewter Mug – Behr

behr pewter mug

LRV: 45

Undertones: Indigo

This mid-toned shade of gray has blue undertones and a cooler tone overall. It’s very silvery and can work well as a neutral, especially in a bright, well-lit room.

Polished Silver – Valspar

valspar polished silver

LRV: 45

Undertones: Cool, blue

This is another id-toned cooler shade of pewter gray that feels very silvery. It’s a super clean neutral, and a great option for many lighting situations.

Any more questions about pewter paint?

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