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The Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2024

Planning to paint your kitchen? Here are the top kitchen cabinet color trends and how to use them in your home!

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a big deal. Whether you are DIYing it or hiring it out, it is a big undertaking and one you don’t want to have to do twice.

While you can never go wrong with timeless, there are always kitchen cabinet trends.

These trends will effect what you see in magazines, on HGTV, on Pinterest and Instagram. The trends will effect the tiles and accessories in stock at kitchen stores. And it will effect the resale value of your home!

So, while doing what you love is #1, it’s always good to pick colors for your kitchen that are on trend.

kitchen cabinet color trends

The top Kitchen Color Trends

Here are some of the top trending neutral and bold colors for kitchen cabinets.



Cream color cabinets are actually one of the top trends. Cream colors are basically warm, off white, leaning more yellow than gray.

In a bright kitchen, a light cream paint color can read as almost white. So, choosing a cream instead of a true white can be a way to add just a touch of warmth to an otherwise stark white kitchen.

See my favorite cream paint colors here.


On the same line as cream, beige is a super popular cabinet color. This stays in line with those trending warm tones. I think that a nice, warm, taupe-beige color pairs very nicely with white walls in a kitchen.


White kitchen cabinets will always be on trend and are completely timeless. Stick to warm toned whites and try to add color in your kitchen countertops or walls – somewhere so it’s not an all white kitchen design.

100% white kitchens are falling a bit out of style.

Here are my favorite white cabinet paint colors.

the best white paint colors for cabinets


Black cabinets are another timeless option, and are great for a timeless feel. I prefer black for lower cabinets or a kitchen island. It can feel a bit much on upper cabinets unless you have a very large, open space or have open shelves and very few uppers.

Here are my favorite black cabinet paint colors.

the best black cabinet paint colors

Bold Colors

Sage Green

Sage green is the top trending color in home decor right now. Green cabinets will give your kitchen a natural feel.

Sage green is a lighter, warm toned, almost gray-green color. It is not at all bright and can easily feel soft and almost neutral if done correctly.

See my favorite sage green colors for cabinets here.

best sage green cabinet colors for every home

Dark Green

If you want a bolder green color, consider a dark green. Dark green cabinets will give you an instant focal point and make your kitchen feel cozy and inviting.

I love dark green paint colors paired with natural wood tones, brushed gold, and matte black accents for a super modern look!

Here are my favorite dark green paint colors.

the best dark green paint colors for every home

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a bit less trendy than green but still a popular color for kitchen cabinets. Choose a navy with a good amount a gray to it to keep it from looking too blue.

Navy is great also for a coastal, lake house, or beach house feel without being too on-the-nose or cutesy.

Here are my favorite navy paint colors.

the best navy blue paint colors

Natural Wood

Ok, so it isn’t a paint color but it’s a big kitchen trend – natural wood tones. With a big trend towards kitchen islands designed to look like pieces of furniture, natural wood is here in a big way.

When choosing a natural wood tone for your cabinets, look for something without any yellow, orange, or red. You want a soft, warm toned, light wood color!

What are your favorite current trends in kitchens?

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Thanks for reading!

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