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The 13 best teal paint colors for bedrooms

Want to paint your bedroom teal? Here are the best teal paint colors for bedrooms, and everything to keep in mind when painting a room teal!

While a lot of people prefer to stick to neutral colors for the walls in their home, I personally love a pop of color.

In my last house, we were 10 minutes from the ocean and so I lean into a lot of shades of blue for that coastal beachy feel.

We moved a little bit away from the beach, and I no longer decorate in that style, but I still have a really soft spot for blue wall colors.

Today I wanted to talk about blue bedrooms, and specifically teal paint colors for bedrooms.

Teal is a really appealing shade of blue and can make for a beautiful bedroom paint color. Let’s dive in!

the best teal bedroom paint colors

What is teal?

Teal is a shade of blue–green. It is usually slightly more blue than green. It is also usually medium to dark in tone, a light blue green color is more likely to be called mint or maybe even turquoise than teal.

Embracing the Tranquility of Teal

Teal is generally considered to be a calming and serene, natural color. Because of this calming effect, it’s a good choice for a bedroom.

Teal is super versatile, and can work with various design styles, from modern to coastal. It can also work as an accent wall or all of the walls in your room.

In general, if you like bold color, you should at least consider teal for your bedroom.

Understanding Teal Undertones

Teal colors are generally blue colors with green undertones. They can have a varying amount of green, making them feel more green or more blue.

Some teals also have gray undertones. This will give them more of a muted and less bright feel. In general, muted paint colors are easier to decorate with.

Teal Complementary Colors

A few accent color pairings that beautifully complement teal walls:

  • Ivory and Cream
  • Coral and Peach
  • Gold and Brass
  • Deep Gray and Charcoal
  • Soft Pink and Rose

Tips for Painting with Teal

In general, teal is going to be on the darker side for a paint color. If you are painting over light walls, prepare to do 2 to 3 coats to get really good coverage.

There’s nothing worse than having a gorgeous dark wall color with little speckles of white poking through.

I always suggest purchasing a nicer line of paint from whatever brand do you decide to purchase from.

Buying the paint that has the paint and primer in the best possible coverage is going to save you time and energy. It might even save you a canna paint depending on the size of your room if you have to do less coats.

the best teal bedroom paint colors

The Best Teal Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Here are the best shades of teal paint to choose from for your bedroom!

Aegean Teal – Benjamin Moore (2136-40)

benjamin moore aegean teal

Aegean Teal is a rich and inviting teal that strikes a balance between blue and green, creating a depth reminiscent of tranquil ocean waters.

Its blue-green undertones add a refreshing touch, making it perfect for creating a serene bedroom escape.

It also has some gray to it, softening and muting the color, making it easier to decorate with.

Aegean Teal can be paired with crisp whites and soft neutrals for a coastal-inspired atmosphere.

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Oceanside – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6496)

sw oceanside

Oceanside embodies the essence of a vibrant underwater world, with deep blue and green tones mingling harmoniously.

Its peacock-like teal offers a dramatic and bold statement, making it an excellent choice for an accent wall in modern and eclectic bedroom settings.

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Dragonfly – Behr (S-G-530)

behr dragonfly

Dragonfly captures the essence of a shimmering dragonfly’s wings with its jewel-like teal hue.

This shade is heavier on the green, but also has gray undertones that mute the overall color and make it softer and easier to decorate with.

The rich blue undertones add depth and intrigue, making it ideal for an accent wall or even as a main bedroom color for those seeking a touch of opulence and energy.

Vardo – Farrow & Ball (288)


Vardo is a luxurious teal with a mysterious and enigmatic allure.

It has a really nice depth to it – dark but not so dark it verges on navy. It also strikes a really beautiful balance between blue and green.

Its dark and moody character, paired with its green undertones, makes it an exquisite choice for creating an intimate and cozy bedroom retreat with a touch of old-world charm.

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Teal Ocean – Benjamin Moore (2049-10)

teal ocean

Teal Ocean is a vivid and invigorating teal that leans toward the green spectrum.

Its tropical and refreshing quality makes it a fantastic choice for infusing vibrancy into a contemporary bedroom, especially when paired with bold and contrasting decor elements.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Teal Ocean.

Beta Fish – Behr

behr beta fish

Beta Fish is a deep teal color that leans just a touch green. It has slight gray undertones, keeping it from being too bright.

This is a great option for a deeper yet vibrant teal color and pairs really nicely with light toned accents.

Deep Ocean – Benjamin Moore (2058-30)

bm deep ocean

As the name suggests, Deep Ocean is a deeply saturated teal, a very vibrant blue with a touch of green.

This bold and captivating color adds drama and intensity to a bedroom, making it an ideal choice for creating a statement wall or a cozy reading nook.

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Tidewater – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6477)

sw tidewater

Tidewater offers a delicate and dreamy take on teal with its soft and subtle blue-green tones. Its light and ethereal quality makes it a fantastic option for an entire bedroom color, evoking a sense of calmness and serenity.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Tidewater.

Lagoon – Behr (S-G-740)

behr lagoon

Lagoon is a refreshing and invigorating teal that captures the essence of a pristine lagoon. Its vibrant and youthful energy makes it well-suited for a modern and eclectic bedroom, where it can serve as a dynamic focal point.

Blue Danube – Benjamin Moore (2062-30)

blue danube

Blue Danube is a deep and enchanting teal with a captivating depth. Its blue undertones add a touch of classic elegance, making it an excellent choice for a traditional or vintage-inspired bedroom that exudes sophistication.

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Rainstorm – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6230)

sw rainstorm

Rainstorm embodies the moody and contemplative nature of a rainy day with its intense and stormy teal hue. Its dark and atmospheric quality lends itself well to creating an intimate and cozy bedroom sanctuary.

This is a great option if you want a deep, moody navy with a twist of teal to it.

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Mermaid Green – Benjamin Moore (2039-50)

bm mermaid green

Mermaid Green is a dreamy and enchanting teal that captures the mystique of hidden underwater realms.

This is a super bright color – but in a bright, well lit room, it can be toned down.

Its light and playful nature makes it perfect for creating a cheerful and imaginative bedroom, especially in spaces for children or the young at heart.

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Reflecting Pool – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6486)

sw reflecting pool

Reflecting Pool evokes the sensation of a dip in a serene and inviting pool with its cool and soothing teal hue.

Its balanced blue-green undertones make it a versatile and refreshing choice for creating a spa-like and rejuvenating bedroom environment.

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Any more questions about painting your room teal?

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