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The best sage green bathroom cabinet paint colors

Want to add a pop of green to your bathroom space? Here are the best sage green paint colors for bathroom cabinets.

Revamping your bathroom cabinets with a fresh coat of paint? What about painting it green?

Sage is a shade of typically light to mid-toned green with gray undertones. These undertones give it a muted look, so it’s not too bright or overwhelming.

Because of this, sage is super easy to decorate with. And, it’s currently trending – in a big way!

Sage strikes the perfect balance between being both refreshing and calming, making it an ideal choice for bathroom cabinetry.

best sage green bathroom cabinet colors for every home

Finding the Right Sage Green Shade

Sage green is a blend of green and gray, named for the muted hues of dried sage leaves. It’s distinct from mint green, which is typically brighter, as sage green’s gray undertones lend it a more subdued appearance.

To select the best sage green shade for your bathroom cabinets, start by deciding on the aesthetic that you want for your space.

Gathering inspiration and testing paint samples in your bathroom will help you see how different shades look under various lighting conditions throughout the day.

Warm vs. Cool Sage Greens

Warm sage greens contain hints of yellow or brown, giving off a cozy vibe, while cool sage greens, with their gray and blue undertones, offer a more subdued and beachy feel.

Choosing Sage Green Paint Color Based on Room Orientation

Did you know that the direction that your room faces changes the way that paint colors look on the wall? Grab a compass and see which direction the majority of the windows face – that’s the direction of your room.

For bathrooms with north-facing windows, opt for sage greens with a touch of yellow to counteract the cool, bluish light.

In south-facing bathrooms, where the light is warmer, select sage greens with cooler, blue undertones to maintain the color’s balance.

Complementary Colors for Sage Green

The best sage green accent colors include:

  • Crisp whites
  • Soft grays
  • Natural wood tones
  • Neutral browns
  • Varied shades of blue
  • Rich dark greens
  • Vibrant red, pink, or coral
  • Cheerful mustard yellow

Top Sage Green Paint Colors for Bathroom Cabinets

Here are some top sage green paint colors that will transform your bathroom cabinets into a peaceful retreat:

Sherwin Williams

  • Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain: A light, sea glass-inspired green.
  • Sherwin Williams Retreat: A dusty olive green with soft gray undertones.
  • Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze: A chic, dusty olive perfect for a contemporary look.
  • Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage: A neutral, beige-leaning sage for a softer look.
  • Sherwin Williams Hazel: A cool, blue-tinged green that’s especially striking in north-facing light.
sage green bathroom cabinet

Benjamin Moore

  • Benjamin Moore High Park: A trendy medium-dark sage green.
  • Benjamin Moore Night Train: A cozy green with significant gray undertones.
  • Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom: A vibrant sage that balances brightness and subtlety.
  • Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage: A cozy sage with welcoming yellow undertones.
sage green bathroom cabinet color


  • Behr Nature’s Gift: An earthy green with blue and gray undertones that changes with the light.
  • Behr Laurel Tree: A bright yet subdued sage with gray undertones.
  • Behr In the Moment: A green with a hint of blue, ensuring a fresh vibe.
  • Behr Bitter Sage: A light olive green with warm undertones.
sage green bathroom cabinet with pink decor

Other Brands

  • Farrow and Ball Lichen: A rich, golden-undertoned green for a lush feel.
  • Clare Paint Money Moves: A cool sage that nearly touches on mint, without becoming pastel.

Remember, the best sage green paint color for your bathroom cabinets is one that resonates with your personal style and flows with the rest of your home and decor.

Happy painting!

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