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Sherwin Williams Misty vs Sea Salt: let’s compare!

Deciding between Sherwin Williams Misty and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint colors? Let’s compare Misty vs Sea Salt to see which is right for your home!

A lot of people like to decorate with coastal or spa-like colors. This usually means a blue or green color that is light, bright, and muted.

Two of the most popular colors in this category are Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Misty.

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Sherwin Williams Misty vs Sea Salt

sea salt vs misty

What is similar about Misty vs Sea Salt?

At a glance, Sea Salt and Misty look very similar to each other.

However, placing the two colors next to each other allows you to realize their differences.

Sea Salt has a LRV of 63, which is almost identical to Misty at 62. This means they have about the same amount of color to them!

What is different about Misty vs Sea Salt?

Sea Salt is a green with blue undertones, while Misty is a blue with green undertones.

If you look at the color formulas (below) they have the same amount of red and green – Misty just has more blue to it!

Sea Salt looks quite green next to Misty, with Misty looking much more gray. Sea Salt also has much cooler tones.

MistySea Salt
RBGR:205 G:210 B:210R:205 G:210 B:202
UndertonesBlue color with gray and green undertonesGreen color with gray and blue undertones


Both Misty and Sea Salt are cool toned colors due to their gray and blue undertones. However, the excess of green in each of them means they both play well with warm colors as accents, too!

How do I decide between these two colors?

You can’t go wrong with either color – so just trust your gut.

Do you want beachy or spa-like? Go Misty!

Do you prefer earthy or closer to boho? That’s Sea Salt!

Both colors are neutral enough that they can often be interchangeable, you can’t go wrong! They work as nice coordinating colors for each other, if you like tone-on-tone color combinations!

Sherwin Williams Misty Color Palette

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sherwin williams misty paint color palette

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