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11 Best Blue Living Room Paint Colors

Bring a piece of the sky and sea with these blue living room paint colors. With shades that evoke calm and comfort, your living room will be your new favorite chill spot.

Whether you want a sleek modern living room or a vibrant one with coastal vibes, blue can be the perfect color to play with.

Different hues of blue can evoke feelings of relaxation or happiness, depending on the shade you choose. 

Blue pairs with different furniture styles and pieces, so you can use it on an accent wall or to paint your entire living room based on your preferences.

But which blue works best for your living room?

In this article, we’ll talk about the best blue living room paint colors, highlighting the features of each one to help you choose your next paint color for your living room makeover. 

Best blue living room paint colors

Best Blue Living Room Paint Colors

Choosing the right shade of blue can change how your living room feels and looks.

It’s the perfect color to add character to your space, whether used solo or paired with off-white, white, yellow, orange, gold, pink, gray, or green

Blue on blue can also be a trendy choice, especially when you match the undertones to play the game of light and shade in your living room with an elegant monochromatic palette

living room with light blue walls and coral decor

It’s crucial to think of the LRV when picking a shade of blue for your living space.

The light reflective value refers to the percentage of light the paint reflects.

An LRV of 50 is safe if you don’t want your room to be too dark or too light. You can experiment with a lower LRV for a bolder look if your room receives more light. 

The right undertones will also determine how your blue paint will complement your living room furniture and overall style.

Most blues have cool grayish undertones that work with every décor style, but some have warm turquoise undertones that bring out the brightness in a coastal living room. 

living room with light blue walls and cream accents

Soothing Shades of Blue

Airy shades of light blue create a peaceful atmosphere.

Mix these shades with white or off-white to make a small living room appear more spacious.

You can also match them with brighter colors for a bold look. 

Sherwin Williams 9641 Dew Drop

  • LRV: 70.19
  • Undertones: Neutral

Sherwin Williams Dew Drop is an arctic blue shade for a small, shabby chic or Scandanividan living room, making it look more spacious. 

Sherwin Williams Dew Drop
SW Dew Drop

For a classic look, pair this paint color with SW 7066 Gray Matters or a deep brown trim, like SW 6083 Sable.

Try it with SW 6941 Nifty Turquoise for a uniquely modern living room. 

Benjamin Moore HC-147 Woodlawn Blue

  • LRV: 60.65
  • Undertones: Green and gray

If you’re looking for a relaxing blue to add a touch of vibrance to your space without being too loud, Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue will be the right one for you.

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue
BM Woodlawn Blue

It appears lighter in a room with much natural light and can make your modern farmhouse or coastal living room look bigger. 

Tone down this color with darker shades of gray, like Chelsea Gray HC-168, or pair it with Simply White 2143-70 on the trims to make your coastal living room look more inviting. 

Behr M500-2 Early September

  • LRV: 58
  • Undertones: Cool gray

This crisp, cool blue resembles the seasonal change as the sky gets a little darker at the beginning of fall, creating a soothing atmosphere. 

Behr Early September
Behr Early September

Early September can be used to add accents to a white or off-white room.

It also pairs well with ICC-42 Comforting, a neutral beige shade, as this combo creates the perfect beachy look. 

Sherwin Williams 6239 Upward

  • LRV: 57.37
  • Undertones: Gray

This clean, pure blue creates Mediterranean relaxing vibes in your living room, especially when paired with light-colored furniture.

Sherwin Williams Upward
SW Upward

SW Upward is just the perfect color to pair with white and yellow for an exceptional beachy look. 

Thanks to the gray undertones, Upward can create a cooling effect if your living room is hot.

If you have big windows in your living room, it will look more spacious, especially when paired with a neutral color like SW 9087 Smoky Beige

light blue living room with dark green accents

Vibrant Shades of Blue

If you want to create a dramatic statement, these bright and vibrant shades of blue won’t disappoint you.

They’re bold without being too overwhelming and can be used on accent walls or to cover the entire room with a matching palette. 

Behr PPU12-3 Dragonfly

  • LRV: 26
  • Undertones: Green

This turquoise blue mimics the color of the waves with their tranquility and vibrance.

behr dragonfly
Behr Dragonfly

It’s the perfect shade for your coastal or farmhouse living room when paired with neutral furniture colors. 

Dragonfly is medium to dark without being too depressing.

As a matter of fact, it makes your living room feel serene and close to nature, so it pairs well with different shades of yellow and gray, like P290-4 Spirited Yellow and 57 Frost. 

Sherwin Williams SW 6965 Hyper Blue

  • LRV: 10
  • Undertones: Cool green

This brightly saturated cobalt blue will have a magical effect on your living room, especially when used on an accent wall or the trims.

Sherwin Williams Hyper Blue
SW Hyper Blue

Yet, you can also go full throttle and use it to paint your entire maximalist living room if you’re daring enough. 

Hyper Blue does surprisingly well with dark-colored furniture and neutral cool colors like SW 7648 Big Chill.

Due to its low LRV, this bright blue performs best in a room that receives a lot of natural sunlight. 

Benjamin Moore 2065-30 Brilliant Blue

  • LRV: 14.77
  • Undertones: Blue

Brilliant Blue is an electric shade of blue to give your maximalist living room the needed bolt of life without being too overpowering.

Benjamin Moore Brilliant Blue
BM Brilliant Blue

It injects your space with vibrance even if your room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light

Electric blue might be too bold for some people, so you can tone it down with 2122-70 Snow White or 2063-70 Cumulus Cotton

Behr P500-6 Deep River

  • LRV: 17
  • Undertones: Cool

This dark and saturated shade of blue resembles the deepest part of the river with its strong rushing currents.

Behr Deep River
Behr Deep River

It’s an excellent choice for a Midertenean or maximalist living room, where you aren’t afraid to experiment with bold shades of yellow, green, and red. 

It might make your room look a little bit smaller when used on all the walls, so it’s best used on an accent wall or to add vibrant trims to pair with your neutral walls, especially if you choose a color like HDC-MD-21 Dove.

behr blue willow living room

Blue-Gray Paint

Blue-gray is one of the most popular wall paint colors because it’s so versatile. It can be toned up or down, depending on your choice. 

Different shades of blue-gray work for various living room styles, so there’s a good choice for every taste. 

Sherwin Williams SW 6219 Rain

  • LRV: 49
  • Undertones: Green

Rain is a soothing blue-gray color for a peaceful and calming feel. Pair this relaxing color with beige or dark brown accents for a luxurious feel. 

Sherwin Williams Rain
SW Rain

For a trendsetting style, match this color with SW 6217 Topsail for an elegant monochromatic palette in your coastal or chalet living room. 

Benjamin Moore 2128-60 Beacon Gray

Beacon Gray is a blend of cool pale blue and warm gray to instantly brighten any space.

Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray
BM Beacon Gray

When paired with a neutral silky white like OC-65 Chantilly Lace, your room will feel more spacious and elegant. 

This color will be an excellent choice for dark gray or brown furniture. 

Behr MQ5-23 Intercoastal Gray

  • LRV: 45
  • Undertones: Blue

Intercoastal gray classifies as a gray color, but the high content of blue pigment makes it an elegant shade of blue-gray to use in your living room. 

Behr Intercoastal Gray
Behr Intercoastal Gray

It resembles the ocean waters and will be an ideal choice for a coastal living room.

You can also combine it with accents of subtle 270A-2 Orange Ice or 400A-1 Candlelight Yellow. 

Before You Go

With so many beautiful hues of blue to choose from, you should think of your living room style, furniture, and accessories before you pick one for your next home renovation project. 

Refer to this guide for inspiration and see how you can play with these gorgeous shades of blue to create a living room that feels cozy and homey.

If you want extra tips and tricks on using these paint colors, sign up for my free Paint Color Planning Guide, where I show you how to pick the perfect color for your home and more!

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