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Best Paint Colors to Complement Wood Trim

Struggling to find the best paint colors to complement wood trim? Our guide will help you select shades that either make your trim pop or blend it seamlessly into your walls for a smooth, cohesive look.

Wood trim can be a dream come true or a bit of a headache, depending on your style.

Some wood trim is gorgeous and historic, a piece of art worth keeping. Others, well, not so much.

Whether you adore your wood trim or just can’t bear the thought of painting it, it does pose a bit of a challenge when choosing wall colors.

The good news? You can either highlight your trim with a striking contrast or make it disappear into your decor. The right paint can make all the difference.

best paint colors to complement wood trim

Pop Vs Blend

First things first, decide if you want your wood trim to be the star of the show or more of a background player.

Make it Pop: If you want your trim to really stand out, go for wall colors that contrast with it. Think different tones or color depths that make the wood trim the main attraction.

Blend it In: If you prefer to downplay the trim, choose a wall color that blends with it. This way, your eyes won’t focus on the trim, giving your room a more unified look.

Whether you’re aiming for bold and beautiful or subtle and seamless, picking the right paint color to go with your wood trim is key.

So go ahead, grab those paint swatches, and start experimenting!

Colors to Make Wood Trim Pop

To create a vivid contrast with your wood trim, pick paint colors that will really stand out against the wood’s natural warmth.

Here are some top picks to achieve this look.

best paint colors that go with wood trim

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Alabaster is a warm but bright white that pops against darker wood tones, making them stand out beautifully.

SW Alabaster
SW Alabaster

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Decorator’s White is a crisp, cool white that highlights woodwork and makes architectural details shine.

white walls wood trim living room

Behr Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is a light gray with cool undertones that pairs well with both light and dark wood trim without stealing the show.

Behr Silver Bullet
Behr Silver Bullet

Valspar Blue Arrow

For a hint of modernity in traditional settings, Valspar’s Blue Arrow offers a delicate blue-gray shade that stands out against warm wood.

It’s a fresh choice for those looking to spice up their decor.

Valspar Blue Arrow
Valspar Blue Arrow

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Wickham Gray is a soft gray with blue undertones that plays nicely with lighter wood tones, giving your space a fresh and airy vibe.

It’s perfect for creating a tranquil setting that still feels connected to nature.

green living room with wood trim

Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

Imagine a calm, peaceful escape—Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt brings this vision to life.

This light green-gray paint not only highlights the rich tones of wood but also infuses your room with a sense of serenity.

SW Sea Salt
SW Sea Salt

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt.

Behr Gentle Rain

Behr’s Gentle Rain is a soft blue-gray that whispers elegance.

It subtly contrasts with the wood trim, highlighting its natural grains and colors without overwhelming the senses.

Behr Gentle Rain
Behr Gentle Rain

Colors to Downplay Wood Trim

If you’re aiming for a more unified or subtle look, choosing paint colors that blend with the wood trim is the way to go.

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige

Kilim Beige is a warm beige that cozies up beautifully with light to medium wood trim, creating a welcoming, homely vibe.

beige living room with wood trim

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige.

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan

Rich and warm, Benjamin Moore’s Lenox Tan is perfect for deeper, richer wood tones.

It merges the walls and trims into a cohesive backdrop, enhancing the room’s overall harmony.

BM Lenox Tan
BM Lenox Tan

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan.

Behr Wheat Bread

Opt for Behr’s Wheat Bread to complement your wood accents subtly.

This beige-gray shade supports the natural charm of your space by blending effortlessly with the wood.

Behr Wheat Bread
Behr Wheat Bread

Valspar Sandstone Gray

Choose Valspar’s Sandstone Gray for its refined subtlety.

This muted taupe shade coordinates well with most wood finishes, maintaining a polished and understated aesthetic.

Valspar Sandstone Gray
Valspar Sandstone Gray

Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige

Balanced Beige is a mid-tone beige that provides a warm, understated backdrop. It subtly enhances a wood’s natural beauty.

SW Balanced Beige
SW Balanced Beige

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige.

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Soft Chamois is a very light, creamy beige that creates a soft transition between wood trim and walls.

It’s great if you’re looking for a light and airy feel.

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois
Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois.

Behr Toasty Gray

Toasty Gray is a neutral gray with warm undertones that complement wood trim. It keeps your room balanced and natural.

gray living room with wood trim

Valspar Smoked Oyster

Embrace tradition with a twist using Valspar’s Smoked Oyster.

This warm, rich gray complements deeper wood tones, perfect for crafting a space with a classic yet distinct character.

Valspar Smoked Oyster
Valspar Smoked Oyster

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan

Canvas Tan is a light brown with warm undertones that blends effortlessly with natural wood trim for a seamless and cohesive look.

Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan
Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan.

Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige

Deep enough to pair with darker woods, this beige offers a sophisticated backdrop that subtly enhances woodwork.

BM Alexandria Beige
BM Alexandria Beige

Get a 12″x12″ peel-and-stick sample of Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige.

To Finish

Choosing the right paint color to pair with wood trim depends largely on the effect you want to achieve.

Whether you’re looking to draw attention to the craftsmanship of your woodwork or create a cohesive, integrated look, there’s a color out there to suit your needs.

Don’t forget to test paint samples alongside your wood trim to see how they truly look in your space!

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