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10 best Benjamin Moore off white paint colors

Want to paint your home off white? Here are the best Benjamin Moore off white paint colors!

Picking the right paint color can truly transform a space. Off-white paint colors have the power to create a timeless and sophisticated ambiance, making them a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike.

In this blog post, we are excited to share with you the 10 best Benjamin Moore off-white paint colors that will elevate the style and charm of your space.

When it comes to selecting off-white paint colors, Benjamin Moore is a trusted name known for their exceptional quality and ability to capture the perfect undertones.

Whether you’re aiming for a farmhouse-inspired retreat or a contemporary haven, we have curated a selection of Benjamin Moore’s finest off-white shades to inspire your next painting project.

What is off-white?

Off-white is when pure white paint is mixed with just a little bit of something else. This can result in a color that is slightly warm or slightly cool, maybe a touch yellow or even a little pink.

There are two things that give a specific shade of off-white it’s unique color: LRV and undertones. Let’s dive into each!

the best benjamin moore off-white paint colors

Benjamin Moore off white paint colors

Here are the best off-white paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

Simply White

bm simply white

LRV: 91.7

Undertones: slight yellow

Simple White is a very neutral bright off white with slight yellow tones. It is neutral enough to complement a variety of design styles.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Simply White

White Dove

bm white dove
white dove

LRV: 83.16

Undertones: neutral and yellow

White Dove is a versatile and timeless off-white. It is neutral enough that it works well with both light and dark accent colors.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of White Dove

Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
bm swiss coffee

LRV: 81.91

Undertones: yellow or beige, warm

Swiss Coffee is a warm toned off white paint color. These cozy tones make it perfect for making a room feel comfortable and welcoming.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Swiss Coffee

Chantilly Lace

benjamin moore chantilly lace

LRV: 90.04

Undertones: cool, gray

Chantilly Lace is a crisp and clean off-white with slightly cool gray undertones. This is a great option if your room has a lot of warm light and you don’t want the walls to look yellow, or if you have cool tones in your flooring or stone work.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Chantilly Lace

Classic Gray

bm classic gray

LRV: 74.78

Undertones: gray/greige

This shade is on the darker side of off-white, but it’s a favorite so I had to include it. It is a gray/greige paint color. It’s soft and elegant and really easy to decorate with!

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Classic Gray

Ballet White

BM ballet white

LRV: 71

Undertones: yellow, gray

Ballet White is a delicate and serene off-white color. The mixture of yellow and gray undertones help keep it from looking too yellow or too gray, and keep it balanced!

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Ballet White!

Pale Oak

benjamin moore pale oak color swatch
Pale Oak

LRV: 69

Undertones: warm yellow

Pale Oak is a versatile neutral paint color. It is super popular because it is light and bright but still warm toned, making a space feel cozy and inviting.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Pale Oak.

Cloud White

bm cloud white

LRV: 87

Undertones: taupe

Cloud White is a subtle and airy off-white color. It’s light in tone, making it great for brightening up a space. It’s a good option if you want a warm off white that does not look yellow.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Cloud White.

Navajo White

bm navajo white

LRV: 78

Undertones: yellow, green

Navajo White is a warm and creamy off-white shade. It has yellow undertones, will look more yellow in rooms with bright, south-facing windows.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Navajo White.

Ivory White

bm ivory white

LRV: 84

Undertones: cream

Ivory White as a soft and sophisticated off-white color with cream undertones.

Click here to get a peel & stick sample of Ivory White.

Ready to pick your perfect paint color? Don’t forget to order swatches so you can be sure you love how it looks in your home before committing!

It’s very important to swatch colors on your wall to make sure they look good – day and night – in your actual space before committing.

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Any more questions about off-white paint colors?

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