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Behr Coral Fountain: a complete color review

Looking for the perfect coral pink paint color? Check out Behr Coral Fountain – a gorgeous choice!

I was so excited to have a daughter so I had an excuse to paint a room pink! I had always dreamed of a modern coral-pink nursery, and was excited to find Coral Fountain!

This color is bold – there is nothing light or pastel about it – but it is muted so it doesn’t at all feel neon.

It’s a beautiful, modern option if you want a pink space!

Behr Coral Fountain Paint Color guide

Behr Coral Fountain MQ4-03

Behr Coral Fountain MQ4-03 swatch

Color Family

Coral Fountain is in the pink color family. See my favorite pink paint colors here!

Light Reflectance Value

47 – a mid-toned color, not too dark and not too light.

Light Reflective Value is the measurement of how much light a color bounces around. This is on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white.

RGB Colors

R: 227 G: 169 B: 162

RGB describes the amount of each color – red, green, and blue – present in a color. This is on a scale of 0 to 255 for each color. This is basically the color mix to make the color!

beh coral fountain accent wall

Hex Code



This is a pink paint color with warm, orange undertones. It also has a bit of gray undertones to it.

In bright daylight, it looks more subdued. In artificial light, it looks brighter and more orange.

coral fountain nursery

Best uses

I used Coral Fountain in my daughter’s nursery. It’s a bold pink color that you probably wouldn’t use for a whole room other than a child’s bedroom.

However, it’s great for:

  • A modern feminine accent wall
  • A piece of refinished furniture
  • An accent ceiling
  • A front door
  • Bathroom cabinets
beh coral fountain kitchen island

Similar Colors

  • Behr Sunset Pink
  • Behr Infatuation
  • Behr Noble Blush
  • Olympic Rosette Royale
  • Sherwin Williams Strawberry Hill
  • Pantone Mellow Rose

Coordinating Colors

This is a very warm pink color that pairs well with creamy shades – tans or slightly off whites, especially. The white that we paired it with is Behr Papier Blanc, which is just on the creamy warm side of pure white.

It also pairs well with “tropical colors” such as keylime green, a deeper leafy green, sky blue, and bright yellow. We paired it with a punchy turquoise in our daughters room (Behr Tower Bridge) and I love the combo!

Finally, this color pops with deep dark neutrals – a dark black, deep charcoal, navy blue, or even a deep forest green.

behr coral fountain desk

Trim Colors

I prefer to pair warm colors like Coral Fountain with a creamy white trim color with warm undertones.

Soft white trim colors:

Still not sure what paint color to choose?

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Thanks for reading!

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